Sunday, August 16, 2009

Nienie and the Hot tamale

My hunk had left for church for his duties, I have my Sunday duties as the get everybody ready, on time for church with as little yelling as possible and everyone was almost ready. I had already been up for a while and thought "I am going to catch up my favorite read....Nienie Dialogues. Well I didn't expect to be so touched by her recent picture post of herself and her hunk. The picture of a woman so changed by a fiery plane crash which changed her outward appearance so drastically, but her eyes are still the same. Eyes are told to be the window to the world. Her world was changed a year ago, and I often think of her trials so big and Seemingly unbeatable when I am in my own frustrating moments of life and how I feel sorry for myself. Well I wasn't having one of the those moments, but I was crying. Crying for Nie and all she has had to endure. I was visible to my little Mageeman. Well I did one last check of everyone, hair gelled and brushed, ties on straight, scriptures in hand, sock on and

I said to my little Mageeman," you are one hot tamale" he smiled unsurely, and I said...Do you know what a hot tamale is?

his response.. Yep it is just like a Mike and Ike but not as hot, and spicy.

my response... You are right but it also means You are one handsome man who I love so much.

Still with tears in my eyes, I hugged my mageeman so tightly and kissed his soft cheek, which in return he kissed my lips that were covered in mint lip gloss and he said you are pretty mom.

I cried more. That went on all day at church and I was so thankful for the chance to hug and see my little children everyday and be a part of their life. I am so thankful for the things in life that make us stronger even when we get broken down sometimes. Sometimes we give to much power to others when our only thing we should be giving the power to is the Lord. He gives us all these things. He makes all these experiences possible. I am blessed.

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Trip to Cali...Randoms

We had a fun filled week in Cali and some friends came down to hang out too. We did the beach 5 days out of 6 and we had a funnnnnnnnn time. We love to go down and see grandma & grandpa hoopes. My kids love to dig and dig and dig in the sand. They had a good time. We camped at the beach in Grampy's new RV. Went to Seaport Village, La jolla Coves, seal beach and chilled at Oceanside beach, we could have stayed there forever... We got to see nieces and nephews, especially the newest addition 3 weeks old! Uncle david always steals he babies.

The Hoopes 5