Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Last post for a while

Well, laundry is done, house is clean, checks are written for the kids things, bags are packed and I am NERVOUS. This is my last post for a few days...Till the weekend if I am even feeling up to it then. I will be MIA, and david promises to take picture so everyone can laugh at me in my crazy pain induced drugged up state. ( I don't do well on meds) at all!!!! If you are bored or have a minute I would love visitors and calls, because I hate the hospital! and i will be there ATLEAST 3 days. But you can visit me at home too. I am going to go stir crazy for the next 6 weeks or so of laying down.... Right like I will be able to rest. I always have to be cleaning cooking or washing something. This is not one lazy gal. and I hate naps, but I think I will enjoy them the next few weeks. keep me in your prayers that I dont go nuts sitting for the next few months. yikes!

p.s. thanks for you that have already prayed and put my name in the temple on my behalf. I know the power of prayer and I know how Much it has already comforted me. I am humbled.

Monday, April 28, 2008

Nacho Night

We a big group of great friends and family over to indulge in some yummy nachos, my homemade black beans and pinto beans, everyones yummy desserts, and all the fixing to go on top of the nachos,, I wish I had taken pics because they were awesome ! Super nachos are the best!

Sunday Seven...but it's Monday

okay so again I didn't get this post on Sunday, we had about 30 people over for a BIG Nacho/ TACO night, but better late than never!

1. Friends who you can laugh with that you feel like you've know forever??? Isn't that weird.

2. A handsome companion who works diligently ( in his home office...alllllllll day long), does carpool (2 of our little people go to school 11 miles away) and preschool carpool, Mowing ever week lots and lots and lots of grass( even though he breaks a sprinkler almost everytime), picks up garbage, does laundry, cooks, vacuums, drive to piano and scouts, helps be a host to our many guests we invite over, takes care of the animals and our 2 dogs :). What a super star helper he is to make my life easier, when he's in town that is.

3. Friends who bombard you with well wishes for your upcoming crazy life to be. Offers of meals, taking kids places, dinners and company to be by my side, books so I can read and not be bored, lots of hugs, more hugs, and more hugs. Thanks for the hugs gals, you know who you are and I appreciate you support! What would we ever do with lots of loving friends. I know I wouldnt survive with out them.

Now those are all my happy things, shall I move on to not so happy things for once??

I am very aware of you all emailing me on how positive my posts are but... I needed to get some Yucky things out!

4. Hospitals... I hate them and I am not looking forward to being in one for 3 days... I know there is something I could be cleaning, cooking or washing that I would much rather be doing.

5. Hospital workers or should I say HIPA LAWs... today was my 200+ questionaire for my whole medical background. doesnt anyone communicate and share my records, In the last 14 months I have been feeling sick like this, I couldn't count how many times I have explained it. please don't ask me anymore. now...after Wed I will officially be taking a break from explaining it becuase those parts will be gone....YIPPEE... & the people jumping the gun (namely the Dr's)... most of my people know what I mean... Telling me they "think" I have cancer, before it is..... Don't do that to people, it's just not nice.

6. Hormones... Part of #5, I told the doctor about part of my crazy behavior and she said you're not crazy, people in your situation can be crazy!!! Say things you don't remember or don't mean ( happened and I was accused of saying things I don't remember and things I didnt say that I do remember NOT saying), mostly impart to the Heavy drugs they have given me for the pain.( and partially according to the doctor you go a little crazy. Crying... wow, i am already a cry baby, but wow,...that's all I can say. Pain... pain pain go away!!!! and stay away... Hypersensitivity to many things. It takes a lot to get me upset, well not the last while. I don't put with anyone's rude crap anyway, but, I am just sick of people getting away with things, and people not being put in there place... Hormones are just not a good thing.

7. Arizona...why did Heavenly Father create it SOOOOOO hot! It is not heaven on earth here. I hate 6 months out of the year here. The electric bill, the water bill, and mostly be stuck in the house. Kids should be able to go out and play for the summer. Not here1

Saturday, April 26, 2008

Happy 30th

Julie with the kids at our Preschool halloween trick or treat party
Happy 30th Julie!!

Sorry I missed the girls night out. You were there for mine, and I didnt get the info till it was too late. I miss you, and adore you.

Julie is a great listener... Julie is fun... Julie is not a gossip ( one of my favorite things about her)...Julie is a great mom... Julie has a great laugh.. Julie is a great Friend!!!

Love you Julie...

New temples

I read in February on Deseret news which I read daily, that they were suppose to be building a temple in Gilbert and ONe in Gila Bend. Well it was officaially announced that they are! Yeah ,Arizona is getting more temples which is never a bad thing. The sad thing to me is that the people on the north and west side of the valley travel so far to go to the temple and people on the east don't take advantage of the temple RIGHT there. So, someday, Hopefully, they will bring one to this side for all of us , too! Hopefully we will get to help out at the open house. What a cool thing that this is coming to our neck of the woods.

Thanks again for Michelle for reminding me, when i forgot to post it.

Student of the Month

Here is our Superstar Student of the month. He is the cutest thing.

So after the Assembly in the morning, we had to go back again at 1 for a concert for the whole school, so yes it was way too long. Connor stayed home because he has been coughing and the nurse things he has asthma. His allergies are horrible! So after my surery and recovery we are all going to get testing and the works done to find out what everyones allergies are. It has been a week of fevers, diaherea allergies, and coughing. They say Arizona is one of the worse places for this!!! I hate it.
Ethan was 103 fever and finally took a nap at 6pm backwards on the recliner

How many of you?

Click on the link and find out how many there are of you in the USA.


David hoopes 41
Kary hoopes 0
Connor hoopes 0
Ashley Hoopes 6
Ethan Hoopes 0

Try it out. Thanks julie that was fun.

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Tuesdays Two

1. Good water... oh how I love a glass of Cold ice water. Good distilled water. I have to drink filtered water and NOT arrowhead . We have become "water snobs". Oh I love to drink water

2.Yummy Back scratches... I love to give them, and occasionally I will ask for one back and I love how someones touch (aka David or my 3 chickens) can just calm you and relax you.

Monday, April 21, 2008

Earth Day 2008

Tuesday is Earth day. So do a little something to help out the Earth. Recycle something, Turn off the lights, Walk your kids to school ( if you can), Plant a tree, Plant a garden, Just some suggestions. Our Connor has us all excited about this so make a point to do SOMETHING.

Kitchen Craziness

Water Leak
Big Hole
Sitting Water
Bigger Hole
Trying to patch the Big Hole...
Wrapped in plastic... ready to paint
Done!!!! the paint color is a little off but we'll see after another coat of paint???
This took all day , and....... My little Ethan got a fever and was sick all day. I kept him home from school because he was having diahera and a fever. What a monday. I love mondays, and this was just a crazy one!

My Aunt Judy

This is Aunt Judy and Frank ????something an olympic gold medalist.
Coming into the Finish line in Tempe Sun Devil Stadium
Aunt Judy and tinkerbell admiring her!

My Aunt Judy is a rock star! she is a marathon runner and we had the chance last year to see her run in the Pf Chang 26.5 miles martathon in Scottsdale last year. Well she qualified for The Boston Marathon and she is running in it right now! I have been following her progress all morning. She is 54 and in better shape than any one i know. I was going to fly and meet her for it but with the lack of cash flow as a result of David untimely job loss :), I am watching via the internet...

Babysitting group

We have the most fun play group which actually is a Babysitting Co-op. There is 10 kids and they are just a crack up here is some funny pics. The 2 older boys played WII for over 4 hours straight while all the little ones, jumped on the tramp, played dolls, played house, ate snacks. We had a great time. Saturday David had the oppourtunity to help a young man in our ward at 6am with his Eagle Scout project

Then we took a great friend to dinner for his 30 at Red Robin. What a fun night, we had 2 other things that night, a fireside we couldnt make it to or Our brothers for a guy's night for David and his brothers, because we had planned this dinner with Tommy for like the last 6 weeks. It was fun to celebrate him getting old!
the only pic came from Connor on his new cell phone we gave him. Do you think he should be professional? what a great picture!

Sunday we had the best dinner with some great friends & the missionaries, and we ate a the pork salads with tomatillo sauce and black beans, it was the Cafe Rio recipe and it was delicious!!!
We had a fun weekend, soooooo busy but great. We really have some great people around us. thanks

Spa Pedicures

A and I really enjoy doing our nails and feet. We have all the stuff to do the real pedicure thing, spa bath with bubbles and massage ( compliments of Bobbi, for my birthday 2 years ago, thanks again BOBBI!. we use it all the time. we have all the scrubbers and gels, pedi egg, calus remover acid stuff,(which is awesome), french manicure paints and brushes, we have it all. we try to do it a few times a month but it's been a while . we had so much fun and I was even able to get David to let me do a pedi on him-minus the paint! Well A, actually got some little girl acrylic nails she had been asking for forever its seems like. When we got up to go to church the next morning, more than half had fallen off, so she replaced them all. she is so funny.

The Hoopes 5