Friday, July 31, 2009

.....10 words women want....


what do all these words have in common? according to This is what women want. It always makes me laugh, their theories of what men or women want. anyhow. I lucked out.I got the man of my dreams and he consistently gives all of these. i am a lucky girl! and I am not afraid to say it.

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Golfing with my love

My sweet lovebug and I had a hot date...literally a hot date at the Golf Course... 18 holes of golf, 4 hours together,a ride on a golf cart and 115 degree weather equals a fun time with my man

E's 6th bday

the cake HE wanted and helped decorate..... not our best work.

Breakfast in bed

His treats from his family.

Better late than never. Our littlest lovebug turned 6. We can hardly believe it. He is such a good kid. He is our romantic boy. He always has to be on my lap or kissing mommy or loving on dad. He has a tender heart, but he also can be fiesty. He loves his big brother C and they are complete opposites. E leaves his room a wreck while c is very tidey. Lots of battles are played out while cleaning their room. He will be a 1st grader and loves his friends. he loves anything camoflauge. He loves to wear his cowboy boots and he enjoys anything with sugar in it! He has a laugh that is just infectious and he smiles and you can't say no! I am so greatful my little sidekick is with our family. we have been blessed so many ways by him. He is


So I lay here not being able to move well, as I threw my back out. I am hurting. I dont have back problems but today, I am sore. All because I pretend to be super human woman who can move any piece of furniture on my own. I really can, i just sometimes get hurt. So I wish I could help others out today, but getting off my lazy bum isn't really going to happen.. maybe better luck tomorrow.

Sunday, July 19, 2009

My lil Sis

My babe of a sister KATE THE SKATE had a bday today!

katy. kary. mom. kristy. kyley. kelly

sierra. mike and katy weeks from delivery

katy and her cutest friend ally.

katy sierra mike in dec 08

I am going to start a new tradition of writing lovely things about my peeps...on their big birthdays. So here is the 1st and it's special post will be on sweet little sister Katy. Katy is one of my favorite people. Katy just had a new little baby boy named Shane. We can't wait to meet him. Katy is 2 years younger than me. She has always been the laid back go with the flow sister. I wish I was more like her. She is a wonderful mom, sister, friend. She has the skinniest legs and they are long. She is a babe and when we were in high school we could go to filibertos and she would get us free food. She stole my student ID when we were in high school so she could get off campus to go to UPPERCRUST Pizza. She still loves that place. they do have the best salads and ranch. She and i are lots alike. She is the fun aunt that my kids just adore. I love her so much she is definetly a babe! happy birthday kate the skate!

The Hoopes 5