Tuesday, August 28, 2012


I have the best sisters.   Miss laughing with them

Tuesday, August 14, 2012



I am so thankful that these 3 chickens call me mom... I love this old picture

Saturday, June 30, 2012

treasures in hidden spots

 We were at Dave's sister's wedding and she had a candy bar. Connor was in Heaven!
 this picture was so cute because Ethan was so embarrassed that he was caught dancing with his sister.
 I love this she was so happy to be dancing with dad.
I love when I find gems like this. It's like finding money in your pockets when you do laundry, but even better!

14 years and still smiling

we celebrated 14 years married this weekend. i am sure lucky to have him. we had dinner at another one of our favorite spots Maggiano's then dinner with the kids at Grimaldis. We love yummy restaurants and scottsdale seems to have them all.  We stayed at the Scottsdale resort & spa. Highly recommend it.  Love you dear!

Saturday, June 9, 2012

New home.

We said goodbye our home of 5 years and moved to a wonderful home close enough to walk to church.The kids didnt want to, but it has turned out to be a great decision. There are lots of friends from church around us and it's a great neighborhood. The house is great. The space is great. The yard is much easier to maintain because it's smaller. House is more to maintain, it's bigger. We are blessed. There is some fun perks to the house, like the jacuzzi which we are loving a place to cool off, maybe in the winter we will turn on the heat.

The kitchen had been totally overhauled to a fabulous state. Awesome kitchen island, with a large fridge, 2 dishwashers, double ovens,( awwwwwww so very nice) A pot filler, and great cabinets. Our friends designed the kitchen to their liking, and funtionality. They both love to cook and both Dave and I do, so it is a great space to work in.

Hard to believe all my gadgets fit!

The Yard is one of my favorite spaces. I spend so much time tending to growing things.

Here are my grapes from 2 years ago that died and came back.

Sunflowers I planted seeds straight in the ground and in 3 weeks they are over 2 feet tall. We planted about 10 seeds and they are all growing.

Spinach butter crunch, red leaf. Can't wait.

The Rosemary and zuchini and some Basil were here and we planted 2 more Basil from seed that I started about 8 weeks ago. Can't wait for my friend Carrie, to teach me how to make her yummy pesto.

We are loving our new home.

Sunday, April 22, 2012

Cancer fundraiser

as an employee at the wonderful school my kids go to, We all had the oppourtunity to do our part for the fundraiser.....I was on the cheer squad. We had so much fun! and we made the paper. BOTTOM LEFT PICTURE- I'm in the top right!. We laughed and cheered and fun was had by all!

Monday, April 2, 2012

thankful...day 2

health...i am thankful for my health. i have taken up a new hobby...running. slowly but surely i am getting there. new kicks, new socks and i am off. my goal was to run a 5 k in 2012 well by march i had!(yeah me) run/walked a 5k and plan many more. i love that my companion is helping me. i am thankful to have the health to get up and go.  My family has been healthy and what a blessing. I want to get in better shape and be examples to my kids.  i'm getting there.  not going to lie, i am not excited to be running in the 120 degree arizona heat.  ouch i will stick to my treadmill with a fan blowing on me!

thankful day 1

family is key in my life. i am blessed everyday to call them my friends. i have friends. my friends that i do have, are my family! i am learning day by day that the people you surround yourself with are the ones that build you up and make you better and want you to be better.   i am thankful for the knowledge that we all make mistakes. in the words of a wise man - be kind to one another and just love each other.   aww wouldn't this world be a better place.

The Hoopes 5