Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Pretty Cool Picture, We thought. What are your thoughts??

Ethan Catching the Football. Isn't this funny..

Halloween Fun !!!

Carving Pumpkins....
Funny River Getting the pumpkins....
Roasting smores in the firepit... Ooy Gooey pumpkin guts..

Halloween Fun with the cool Cousins. Ashley is the Good Witch Connor is the Nerd Ninja turtle in the middle (Funny man), Ethan is the Knight. And the rest of the bunch is their funny cousins, out for a night of trick or treating.

This is the little member of the family, Lexie and the cutest little thing. She let me hold her for about 5 minutes and the most she has ever (she like her mom only!) so I took advantage of it. Tiny little tinkerbell.
Connor & His cousin Tristan, these two are a funny duo. Pumpkin carving with the Aunts.

Tink and her pumpkin..

Saturday, October 27, 2007

Only in Arizona!

Only in the state of Arizona, can you be eating Halloween cookies, AND going down the water slide. Oh how we miss Utah in Fall, chilly with sweaters and no swimming. Funny because this kiddos are in the water as much as possible, and Arizona allows them to have a loooong summer with lots of water... love to all

Thursday, October 25, 2007

Fruits of our Labors..

These are the first from the garden this season. It is always rewarding, after lots of watering and tending to, to get yummy treats from the garden. We are still waiting on the pumpkins green onions, grean beans and more watermelon..

Tuesday, October 23, 2007


Well most of you know I have been waiting months and months of no answers on my "Health Situation". Many tests, Ultrasounds, blood work, 2 biopsies ( very painful biopsies), and I know now, there is no cancer...YIPEE!!! The relief I am feeling is undescribable. David said he is so grateful, for this wonderful blessing. Although no cancer, I do need surgery. So even though surgery, I am not big time sick, so i am so thankful for that. For comic relief, I had to joke to jDavid of the Life Insurance he recently took out on me, that he is stuck with me. I thought it was funny, he on the other hand did not. Ha ha.

More good news... with the raging fires and both of our friends and family being evacuated. so far everyone is safe. My in laws home is standing intact, after evacuating & sleeping in their car, the house is safe and so are they. My sister and aunt and cousins all evacuated and are safe. We know many people that have been affected and some that have even lost their homes, so bless their hearts for the tragedy nature can bring. Our hearts and prayers go out to all that have been affected. It is so sad that so much of the reports have been conflicting. Sad, Sad. My BIL gave us an eye witness report of the situation in Fallbrook, and so sad that some homes are sparred and some not so lucky. I am sure that there is many that the insurances will fight to give people their money. With all major NATURAL disasters the insurance companies say they don't cover it. Lets hope and pray that it's not the case in this situation.. Love to all, and we are sorry if your families have been affected

Wednesday, October 17, 2007

David Got his Dream Dog! River Jake Hoopes...

David finally got the dog of his dreams. A Chocolate Lab. He has wanted a lab for as long as I've known him. He named him River Jake Hoopes or RJ. He is 6 weeks old and cuter than cute! The kids are loving him, and so are we. He is still so little that he is tired all the time, but darling as all get out.

Monday, October 15, 2007


A few weeks ago my girlies and I went out for one of our girls weekends. Time out for women, the hotel, out shopping late, Yummy food, and fun, fun, fun. We were so lucky to go see some wonderful speakers, and great music. Well at least saturday was good music. Friday night's headliner was a gal we aren't fond of, because we saw her at Women's conference in Utah. Any way, it was a blast, and then we all ended up buying the same sweater. Had to share it cause we thought it was funny. We have style.

Arizona State Fair

We have attempted the fair many years and Utah and have the past 2 in Arizona. They are always so fun (lots of money of course) , but so fun. I find it so interesting to see things that people from our community have sewn, made baked, collected, along with the farm animals, and such. I really enjoyed all the homemade breads (You know I thought this obsession with Whole wheat bread making would be gone by now. But There is nothing wrong with enjoying a hobby like bread making.This is the first year Tink could ride the big roller coasters, and did it by herself with Conster. They are fearless. Ethan has the heart to go on them, but is lacking about 6 inches. We spent the whole night finding rides they could ride, even though many younger kids could go on rides our older kids can't. It's tricky when you fall into the "short", but they will always have to deal with it so what do you do? These are some of the fotos, and will post more later.

It's that time...


I don't know how it works in your house, but we get the stomach flu each year. Our little man Magee(Ethan) got tagged first this year. 's He's watching toonies all day, and trying to keep food in, not working so well. And he has a smile! We didnt know he wasn't feeling well. We went to church and During Primary it hit him. In our life, it's always the best time, which is also the most inconvenient, with no clean clothes, etc, you get my point. I'm feeling it a bit. This is just fun to add to the rest of how I am feeling. Hopefully, it won't go through all of us like usual. It is ironic to me how the moms at least this mom, always catches it. I do everything to prevent that stuff. Last year I loaded on vitamins, and detoxified my body with cleanses,cleaned the house non stop, door handles and I got pneumonia shortly after ( ididn't even know I had it for 6 weeks). All I can say is keep lysoling your house, don't send your kids to school if they are sick, and try to rest, because it is that time of the year, again!!

Tuesday, October 9, 2007

A Break, what's that mean anyway?!

We get a 1 week break from school. It's only Tuesday, and we have had a flat tire today & another that went way bad, I'm embarrassed to admit, taken a meal to a friend who just had a baby, golf lessons, fixed a dresser, moved some new furniture in, preschool, organized 3 bedrooms, cleaned up a lot of messes (3 kids what do you expect), vaccumed too much as usual and cleaned way to much. So much for a break. We have soccer , more preschool, more cleaning , visiting teaching, lesson planning, more vacumming I'm sure, what does a break really mean anyway? When we go away for our trip to oklahoma , we go for about 3 days, and it takes 2 days to get out of our regular mode of life, then we are right back in to it. It's too much fun doing the regular things as a parent, and spouse not to enjoy life. By the end of the week, I'm going to need a break, but then of course it will be time to get right back into normal life again. I think Breaks are so over rated!!

Sunday, October 7, 2007


I played my first soccer game it was fun .I like it.It was good.I was good.I had a good tine.
I was goalie i caught my first soccerball .
itwas on saturday.

Friday, October 5, 2007

School Days of The Cutest Kids!!

How sweet are they. Connor has lost a bunch of teeth, Ashley none so far. We are thinking these will be the last normal school pictures before they go in to the weird teeth fotos. ( You know we all have them). We lucked out and got them into a better school then they were in before. We are greatful for that. They love their teachers (which are some of the best we have had), and are adjusting slowly, but surely. They had some wonderful friends in our old house, and we are waiting for that here. Such great kids and understanding in all of our many moves.

Fishing in Alaska

David has been a busy traveler, and with all the states he's been to ,he had the oppourtunity to go Alaska over the past 6 weeks....3 times!!! So he got a little bit of time to fish ( with no luck of catching any halibut). But the scenery was gorgeous. Lucky Duck. Sometimes with him being away, the upside is that he gets to see some new, fun places.

Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Connor was Baptized

Connor was baptized. We are so proud of what a good little man he is always making good choices. He had lots of people there supporting him. We had big late lunch at our home with about 60 people. What a fun day for him.

Ethan and the Wall

Our brand new home is finally decorated by a PROFESSIONAL 4 year old child. We have waited months to see when it would happen. simply using a permanent scrapbooking ink pad,on FLAT paint. According to our professional, this is the way to go if you dont want to remove it. Did I say, Permanent?? If you are interested I can get in touch with a child that is a pro! Ha-Ha. He did the tile and the wall, and did I mention he also did his hands ,legs, Feet, Shins. 3 days later and it is still permanent.

All About Us

Well we are not into all the fad things, but since our life is so crazy busy, we thought this blogging would be an easier way for all our many loved ones to log on an see what is new in our family. David and I both don't enjoy being on the phone more than we have to, but we both are always connected via our laptops to the web. Here's a little about each of us ......

David is a Western Regional Sales Rep. ( Software Sales Rep) for a company based in Oklahoma City. He is going back to school to get his bachelors degree in Business. He is busy, busy.He enjoys Fly fishing ( which he misses terribly since we left beautiful Utah), watching football, go Chargers!!, Family movie nights with the family, reading, making improvements to our new home, spending time with his children, dates with his wife ( almost always to the temple, and not enough dates).

Kary is a homemaker (which means She's not home because she is always in the car, running errands, and taking the kids to many destinations, so basically not home much). She sells Hobble Creek Candles, and volunteers at the kids school (let just say lots!), She enjoys gardening, cleaning, learning and doing food storage,cooking spending time with the kids, organizing, sewing, watching movies with her cute man, going to women's weekends with girlfriends (which only happens 2 times a year), visiting Utah, and spending every waking minute she can with the kids.

Connor is a smart, sweet 2nd grader who plays golf. Connor enjoys going to cub scouts, signing off achievments for his merit badges, playing on our big water slide, playing with his baby brother, he is on a kick right now of eating only healthy food, and no sugar, so he can get a six pack ( don't ask ;)),riding his scooter, and LOVES collecting Dalmations!!!

Ashley or Tink as we all call her is a silly 1st grader who is extremely helpful. She loves school, loves her family, enjoys shopping ( she is not her mother's child), riding her scooter, hanging out with her friends, organizing her room, High School Musical, reading, coloring, cleaning, playing on the Crew Soccer team.

Ethan is a preschooler and is the family comic relief. Ethan loves riding his scooter, playing xbox when big siblings or not home to kick him off, having playdates, hot wheels, wrestling with dad, and break dancing! He is actually really good at it, too.

The Hoopes 5