Thursday, October 30, 2008

My companion

I saw this on a couple people's blogs so I thought I would join in!

1. Where did you meet? ~I was in the same ward as his parents and the bishop asked us to write all the missionaries. We had 11 missionaries in the ward at the time, so i sent christmas cards. he wrote back while on his mission and we met after he got home, and we have been together, with a few breaks inbetweeen. the rest is happy history!

2. How long did you date before you got married? ~June -february, engaged from early February to end of june. Married june 20.

3. How long have you been married? ~10 years plus

4. What is your favorite feature of his? ~he is not judgemental, actually probably to nice.

5. What is your favorite quality of his? ~He is a great father. He still romances me even with our little bit of time we have together sometimes

6. Does he have a nickname for you? ~He is cute. sweetheart, honey, lovebug, which is my word from my grandmother.and I hate it when he calls me kary

7. What is his favorite color? ~blue.

8. What is his favorite food? ~steak potatoes, meat

9. What is his favorite sport? ~Chargers, and any football.

Lakers and any basket ball. Golf, we watch it all

10. When and where was your first kiss? ~June 18th on a water seadoo, in parker az on a young single adult activity.
11. What is your favorite thing to do as a couple? ~ Go to the temple. We both like to watching a movie or one of our favorite shows. We very rarely go out though.

12. Do you have any children? ~3 Connor 9 Ashley almost 8 and Ethan 5 1/2

13. Does he have a hidden talent? ~he can tie flys for fly fishing. he can sing but he says he can't. he's not fantastic but good

14. How old is he? ~32 til january 13

15. Who said "I love you" first? ~He did. I actually was very reluctant to recipricate and didn't for about a week.

16. What is his favorite type of music? ~he is not a big music guy. but josh groban and country.

17. What do you admire most about him? ~I like that most of the time I don't have to ask him to help out around the house. and the backyard he just goes and does it! He always takes care of his church responsibilities as well. He is a busy guy and balances all of it pretty well. I appreciate that he takes 50% of the load of me and we are an equal partnership.

18. What is something you would change about him? That he would be less quiet. I always have to get him to open up. Only about things that are important to him will he stand up for something.

19. What is his dream car? an Infinit g35 or Chevy pickup. someday he will get them

20. Does he enjoy his job? He does. He is really good at it too! He is the hardest worker I know!

Twilight movie

Well it is official my friends who I love,

Twilight the movie starts in 21 days. It premieres November 21. I want to get the tickets bought ahead of time and there is many of you already interested, so let me know if you want to join a big group of us and go and do the whole Major Fan thing! I was thinking about maybe Saturday Matinee?Invite your friends and family too! Mark your calendars, and send me an email if you want to join us. We have been waiting a long time for this.YIPPEE!

the more the better!

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

awards show

Well Connor and Ashley both made the Honor roll this Quarter, Kinders don't get them I guess. They were so proud! Good little lovebugs that we have.
Ethan going back to class

You can't tell, but today was backwards day so their shoes pants and shirts are all on backwards!

Lots of fun events

We have been so stinkin busy for pretty much the last few months, and I don't see any sign of it changing. I get a little overwhelmed sometimes, that it is soooooo busy! Well Connor and Ashley were asked to be in a Fireside for a theme of "Our Responsibility for the Children of a Noble Birthright" It was awesome! the kids practiced for the last 7 weeks and sang this beautiful song with women and girls of all ages. there was only 30 people asked from the whole stake, so it was a great Honor for the kids. They aren't great singers, but they did awesome. You could hear Connor's sweet voice the whole time. Tink was cute as can be. My mom came, which we were so happy to have her. Thanks Nana for coming to all the kids things that you can. We feel very lucky to have such great kiddos. They are the cream of the crop!

Our stake pres. Brown said somthing that has always been a discussion in our home, that you should not have to many other extracurricular SPORTS on your kids schedule. I totally agree. He says the focus of the family gets interupted. I totally agree. Piano or Musical lessons, scouts, acheivement days ( which ashley is already attending sometimes) and Fhe should be the family centered activities. We do all of those and I am thankful we haven't gotten the kids into all the stuff that isn't necessary. David thinks sports are important, I just feel like they shouldn't be the focus. Anyway. It was a wonderful fireside and many things were learned and taught to us and I am greatful for the church. They give us so many tools to be better parents and better friends, and better Christ centered people !
ETHAN CONNOR AND TINK AFTER CHURCH ANd they still looked decent

Thursday, October 16, 2008

Our week

We have had a very eventful week.

Friday night we went to the fair.

Saturday, we ripped all the carpet from downstairs out and put laminate in. Thank goodness for some of our favorite people, Sean and Michelle. They Helped out Saturday, all day and then all Day monday. That was our families FHE, even though FHE should be with ONLY your family. They are like family! WE ADORE Your guys and your help.

Sunday, David got called into the Bishopric, which was reorganized, and We are excited for the oppourtunity to him to learn from Bishop Bourgeous. He is a great man. WE love our ward. This is the best ward we have ever been in.

Monday, We worked for a good part of the day and finished the flooring. Thanks again to our buddies for their all day help.

Tuesday, David's mom and dad ran in to town with only 1 day notice to have David's dad ordain him to a High Priest. We had Ice cream sundaes when we got back. We only got to see them for a few hours on tuesday and they helped carve pumpkins with the kids and then Early Wed morning they were gone back to California! Thanks sooo much for the making the time to come for Us.

Wed, the kids had a bunch of friends over to watch Camp Rock, and Dance our hearts out, while their parents got to go to dinner. Yeah, it was fun to dance with them, and boy was I tired.

Thursday, 14 jars of raspberry jam, made, Downstairs cleaned and rearranged furniture. Done!

My house had never been so messy before!

Sunday, October 12, 2008

Busy, busy.

Connor and ashley braved this rollercoaster, they did it last 2 years as well.

Well this week and weekend was as busy as usual. We went to the Arizona State Fair on Friday night. We always go on opening night because it is $1.00. The entire night's expenses went like this. Dinner at wendy's in the car. 11.00 for the whole family. Gas.... More than we like to talk about. Entrance to the Fair. &4.00 for the WHOLE Family. David's staple at the fair, Funnel cake $6.00, and 4.00 for Cotton candy. An entire night of family fun.....$25.00 Now that is a bargain!!!!

Friday, October 3, 2008

Connor's Belated bday party

Connor turned 9, almost 2 months ago, but we have had NOOOO time to do a party, we have postponed it a few times, so we decided last week to set the time and did. We mailed out invites Monday, hand delivered in the neighborhood on tuesday, and tonight was the night. We actually had quite a few friends that came, most of our family is far and it is short notice and lots of cool moms and dad helped us out with all the kiddos. We had nachos, hotdogs, snow cones, cupcakes a treasure hunt, rice crispy treat cake, and a lot of fun. Connor requested a lightsaber cake, so I did it with rice crispies and frostin. Thanks to all that came and we got to enjoy Connor's celebration together. Well, now we can move on to the next celebration....

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Lots of reading ahead, so keep scrolling down, down...

Team Hoopes

So my sister-in-law signed up to do the MS walk in the phoenix zoo in November. She wanted any and all participants to come join in the walk donate, etc. Well we signed up that day. We are very excited to take part in it, and she had a goal to raise $100.00 then raised it. Well, she is way past that. So if you would like to participate and join us, come along Nov 8th or if you just want to donate, any and all donations will be accepted!
this is the web page you can donate to!

My Favorite things....

My Food saver... self explanatory Inside greenhouse... to start my plants inside and get them hardy before planting in the garden. Love it!!!
Fettuccine, Garlic bread with Johnny's garlic spread and My homemade Parmesean asiago cheese crusties, ( there is a story behind this. I made dinner recently for all of our family and some friends, and they all asked me what are these yummy parmesean things. i said" Parmesean crusties" and they said " it sounds gross when you call them Crusties, But I don't know what else to call them? All I know is they taste Delicioso! We eat this meal about 3 times a week. It is a great meal of a very tight budget!
My Magee, he is silly and fun and darling and throws the cutest tantrums and I just adore him. Magee is the sweetest 5 year old. He has the most infectious laugh and loves his momma. He has OCD bad about little things, like his shoes and socks have to be on just right. No one can touch his food and many more things. His best friend is Landon and he loves to have playdates. He doesn't get to take piano lessons yet but he sure loves to play on piano and mimic his big siblings. He is truly a 3Rd child. neglected in someways and overly spoiled in others. He is also the baby of the family so we have let him run the show a bit and we are paying for it now. We just can't imagine a day without his hugs and nose wiggles. He loves to get in the shower. He would get in 5 times a day if i let him! He wants to play soccer in the spring and I bet he will be really good at it. He is a slob in the room, Connorman is very tidy and hates magee's lazy ways! He was the perfect way to round out our family to 5. We love you Ethan Magethan

Little Lovebugs Preschool

-I am going to start teaching Preschool again.

Yeah... I have the perfect setup for it this time. I taught for 2 years before. Once at a friends house and then a year in my Very small Chandler home. Let me tell you ,it was small so it will great to have lots of room to read, learn and play!

Every Monday & Wednesday from 9-11:30.
We will work on Phonetics of all the letters and numbers and colors, among many other art projects and fun stuff!.
If you are interested or know anyone else please pass the word along

November 3 classes begin at 9 am. If you have any questions let me know.

A Day Off...

*** Alert*** I have had a great day, with a few minor bumps, but I am actually in a good mood, sorry if it doesn't sound like it.****

The kids have half day every wed, so they have piano and then we head to phoenix for golf lessons and today, I am not going to lessons, we will take connor on Sat, because I just needed a break from my reagularness ( I love my Regular routine, so that is big I actually need a break)

Have you ever wanted to slip away from your life. I often think of how nice it will be when we are dead and in the ground and not dealing with this thing called life. I have sure thought how much easier it will be. I get tired of the same monotony that complications in life give us. In our stake they have told everyone " Be not Offended'. I sure feel like that statement should carry on to the whole church. Keep your crummy comments to yourself and get over it. Just last week I was talking with a friend and she said, some people just need to get there panties out of a bunch. I feel like we are on the right track and then it takes one person's twisted view of you and BAAAAAM all out the window.

At womens conference we were told to love one another , and I do that. I love everyone. There is no one I don't like, sure there I people I keep away from but.... I love, care and serve everyone I can! I just received a letter the other day from a sweet friend, and then the next day an email from another that they appreciated my help love, friendship and service on their behalf. I can tell you that if you come across my path, I will help you. That is if you will let me! Since my little man went to Kinder I have but aside alot of time for my loved ones to help them out! If you are in need. Call me, and I will be there. I on numerous occasions get screwed up on spending too much time doing too much, but I can't help it, I am always busy. The bottom line.....
- I love my cute companion and kids
-I love to serve and help others.
-I too have frustrating days, not many, but I do have them
-I have wonderful friends and they truely know me.
-I know that I take on too much and I know it, but "trying" to be super mom can be rewarding sometimes!
-I love callings in the church to challenge us
-If I have offended you, know that it is NOT INTENTIONAL. Please don't bottle it up inside communicate whether you like to or not. Talk to me. I am human and need to be forgiven for my short comings as well.

peace out!

The Hoopes 5