Monday, February 11, 2013


our family  recently stood up against vulgarity.  Some people are mean, but do what is right and you will be blessed.

love dance...

the Valentine's  Dance.  
swing dancing

 gangham style....that Ethan owned that dance!
Connor and Keaton ( our other 13 year old. We love that kid!)

Ethan and his best bud Landon... Remy photo bombed   Cute kids.

Connor and Ashley getting over their fears of future stake dances.   They did good too!
Keaton and Elise.  We love these kiddos like they were our own.!

Dave and his friends...also his counselors  Brother Gable and Brother Cozzens

 We got photo bombed.
Scott and Lexi the future Mr. and Mrs.

                                Cute girls.  I got them both to dance!

Thursday, February 7, 2013

our home schooling room. I am in love. Everything is organized and now i am a happy mom!

Tuesday, February 5, 2013

never skips a beat...

this sweet guy sure is my better half. we had an interesting 2012 and he never skipped a beat.   he has a new job(still selling software and traveling, and an awesome sales guy) but has been back and forth between phoenix and boston since early december.  we sure have missed him, but he would fly home on the weekends to take care of his duties as the Bishop of our ward.(the leader of the congregation in the LDS church).   he never skipped a beat.  he is our rock.   he supports me and our chickens, and works his bootah off,gets some church bball when time permits, makes pinewood derby cars and still serves the Lord without skipping a beat....


he exhausts me a little :) 

The Hoopes 5