Friday, May 30, 2008

Can you believe it?

Well we got the first 4 of many I am sure to come (of medical bills from my surgery). any guesses on what the first 4 added up to???

$33,000. Holy moly. No that is not our portion. Although our portion is alot, I'm thankful it's not THAT much. Yikes is all I can say...

Stay tuned for david's hospital stint and rehab, medical supplies etc. Don't you wish you were us?? It is fun to be us, we are a barrel of broken body laughs over here..

Thursday, May 29, 2008

Congratulations are in orders

Our sister and brother B&B Farrow just had their new little girl... and we have a new niece. she is cute as can be! Congrats on a new little arrival. We can't wait to meet her, when we are feeling better. We love you guys...

We had a great Memorial day, with our very dear friends, The Thompsons. What a blast to hang out with a big group of friends we adore. A bunch of us were pushed in the pool... Lots of yummy food. laughs...anyhow thanks for hosting thompson family.
The last pic of some of my fresh veggies pulled from the garden.

Sunday, May 25, 2008

Sunday Seven...

David on his way in to get sliced and diced
Ashley getting her awards

David's nasty ankle before surgery

We have had an eventful week.

1. 2 award ceremonies for "best of" in each of the kids classes
2. David's surgery...all is well, he is home resting
3.David's prents came in to take us to his surgery since I still can't drive.
4. My Dr.'s appt. all went well, i just have to rest more...What's new
5. School is out for the summer. I love summer because my kids are home!!! all the time. I love it.
6. I came down with something ( i think it's pneumonia like i had last year)
7. A new adorable baby niece which brings the Farrow Family to 6. What an exciting time for them.

All things good and bad..this is our life and we are loving it.

Saturday, May 24, 2008

Another new temple.....

In phoenix. i read Deseret news from slc every day and i just read that Pres monson announced yesterday that there will be a new temple in phoenix.Yippee!!!!

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Had my follow up appointment.

Well thanks to Tina I was able to go to my doctor's appt. All is well. The doctor yelled at me aain for doing tooooooo much. Every one seems to be on my case about that lately. Anyhow, I have to rest (no driveing , lifting, cleaning, cooking,etc) for a few more weeks. The pathology reports came back from everything they took out, and no cancer. They found a Polyp which can be cancer, but came back okay. So a total of 3 polyp or tumors were found during this whole process, and they still have no idea what caused all the bleeding, pain, cramping and such. They say it could be one of the things or all combined, so any way you look at, I don't have to deal with it so who cares!

David has surgery tomorrow and then we will be working on his recovery.

I have to say this is going to be a stinky summer with both of us not 100% and he can't go swimming. Somehow we will manage, we always do!

Sunday, May 18, 2008

Sunday Seven...

1. Friends... driving us around, picking up kids, making dinner, laundry, taking out garbage, and I know there are things I am missing...
2. family... for all of the same things above!
3. fresh fruit
4. fresh clean water
5. fresh cut grass
6. the office..that is the funniest show ever!
7. hugs and kisses from kids and my hunk

I love Sundays

Sundays are so gret becuase we get to o church. In my opinion, Stake conference is even better. We never miss it. We really enjoy the talks and the spirit and all of it. We live in a great ward and so it is fun to be around everyone you enjoy. Thanks to our friends, for saving us a seat upfront, so we didn't have sit as long with my hurt body, and David's bad leg. Thanks Thompson family. We have a great Stake president and each of the speakers were wonderful!

Saturday, May 17, 2008

The 5 Tag

The Five Tag
I read this on my sister-in-laws blog and she just said for anyone to do it so here goes.

10 years ago:May 1998 - Getting ready for my upcoming nuptials. David was in Idaho. I was working a million hours and trying to get ready to move to Idaho. All the wedding planning was done. It was just getting to the day. Missing David. We were only together 5 days of our engagement. I had just turned 21. I was working for the print shop and a nanny alot. I was getting to know Davids little sisters and would take them to Taco Bell alllllll the time in my convertible. David was working in Idaho at the new Circuit city store he helped open.

5 years May 2003 -Pregnant with my 3 kiddo, Ethan and I was so uncomfortable. Throwing up a million times a day. We were in Utah in our home we had bought a year before. Running around chasing Connor who was 3 1/2 and Ashley2 1/2 . David was working for Novell in provo.

5 months ago:December 2007 - We had been in Arizona for almost 3 years and David was working for Factor. We were getting ready for Ashley's 7th bday and Christmas. we had 27 people here for dinner. fun times. We were teaching the 5 year olds in junior primary. We were loving the cool weather, wishing we were in the snow!

5 Hours ago: helping David wrap up his cast cause he was itching his leg. Sorting laundry (even though i'm not suppose to do any housework...AT ALL! I wish we could say we were doing something really fun, but I am on bed rest and David can't do anything with his bum leg. payed a couple bills

5 things on my to-do list:
1. laundry
2. Empty the dishwasher
3. read a few more chapters of Stephenie Meyer. the Host
4. Get dressed for stake conference tonight
5. Mail the rest of the thank you notes that are sitting here from 3 sisters, parents and a million friends who have been so helpful.

5 snacks I enjoy:
1. bananas
2. red grapes cold
3. oranges
4. crunch bar occasionally
5. wheat thins

5 things I would do if I were suddenly a billionaire:
1. Pay off mortgage
2. Buy a beach home for everyone to share, and buy a nother condo in Utah forwhen the kids to go to school
3. max out the kids mission funds
4. Go to New york and europe and australia.
5. tithing on it

5 of my BAD habits:
1. drinking so much I'm constantly in the bathroom
2. cut David off when he is telling a story, becuase he misses vital parts of the story.
3. check my email and blog a few times a day. i hate talking on the phone so it is my way of communication to all my loved ones and I'm good at that! too much. I constantly think of something else i can be cleaning/ organizing
5. speak my mind. I am trying to bite my lip when people are rude, but sometimes it doesn't work!

5 places I have lived:
1. AZ (dislike it very much, but we have great friends, and alot of family here)
2. pennslyvannia- I was born there..don't remember it
3. Ca- Oceanside, fallbrook, bonsall, costa mesa, rancho cucamonga( grew up in oside)
4. idaho(loved it there)
5.Utah (our favorite)

5 jobs I have had:
1. A full-time mom and wife, the best thing ever. Everyday is better than the last
2. customer service rep for 31/2 years for a print shop
3. cashier at wal-mart..soooo fun!
4. secretary for a Chiropractor
5.secretary for my uncle's limosine business

5 things most people don't know about me:
1.I am a nut about washing my hands, hair and shaving. I shave at least 2 times a day(not alot of hair, I just can't stand the feel of it). I wash my hair and feet at least 2 times a day.and my hands all day long.
2. I vaccum a few times each day.
3. My entire family smokes except my baby sister, and i have never tryed it ever. I have never done any drugs either.
4. We are very private people.David and I focus on our family first before any other family or friends or church. We have priorities and we stick to them.
5. I only have a select few people in my life that really know me. I am not very trusting, because I have been hurt too much.

Friday, May 16, 2008

David is broken too

Here is the hunk, broken. Surgery is next Wednesday. He tore the achilles tendon ALL the way through. dang church ball..just kidding. we are crippled over here. we are a fun bunch

Thursday, May 15, 2008

David update

So David tore his achilles, totally through and has surgery next wed. so wish him luck. thanks for the well wishes.

Wednesday, May 14, 2008


So they say the achilles tendon is torn! so he on his way back from the er. I guess we are going to the orthopedic surgeon tomorrow. Did i mention both of us can't drive!!! what the heck is happening to our poor bodies?

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

oh my goodness..when it rains it pours

So here I am an invalent (sp?). I can't drive for 2 more weeks, and yes still on heavy pain meds...So with that back ground,David plays basketball up at the church tonight and he comes home 2 1/2 hours later with an injury . His achilles tendon. on the right foot. the foot you drive with. It looks and feels like he tore it! So after searching the internet for the urgent care and none in the area he is on his way as we speak to the ER with our very good friend Sean. Thank you Sean, I am broken and can't take him so he did. What would our life be without good friends.? I will update, when I know anything.

Tuesdays Two

For my Tuesdays Two, it's a snap shot showcase...
A garden growing .... cousins playing in a box....

an IPOD dock speaker, I received for my birthday... A little man's last day of preschool... on to kinder in the fall...
Beautiful vincas in the Garden...

For my Tuesdays Two, it's a snap shot showcase...

Monday, May 12, 2008

Happy birthday ,Bobbi

Today is mine and Bobbi's 31st bday. its so funny to have anyone much less a sister inlaw share a bday. She a cute gal, so it's fun to share it with her. Happy happy bday to you. Love ya! (Bobbi is on the far left) arent they cute.
On a side note she finds out today what day they are going to induce her. She is ready to go and have her 4th baby. 3rd baby girl. GOOD LUCK!!!! Love ya

Sunday, May 11, 2008

bugged, only a little

of course dinner at golden corral
the 3 of us from the states and 3 from canada (rachels college roomate and her sisters)
kary, rachel and leslie loving the music
jumping on the bed, and no mom to tell us no! we are a fun bunch! the hotel was soooooo nice after our dumpy dorm rooms.
salt lake temple after we went through a session
I missed women's conference this year, and i was sad. I have been so drugged up, I missed being sad about it, but seeing as it ws last week, and I am a little more alert. I am sad. there is always next year. anyone want to join me?? I have my girls rachel and leslie i go with but if they can't make it, I am going any one with me????

here is from last year

Sunday Seven from the whole family

This week is David's turn! so this is from him...and the rest of us in random order

david john
1. Steak and potatoes
2. Superbowl fishing
4. 1/3 ...1 wife 3 kids
5. a good poop
6. cabelos/ bass pro shop
7.the gospel

1. a comfy couch while i recover, so my bum isnt sore.
2. a loving family to take care of me recovering from a painful surgery,friends..this always seems to be on the list because they are the most important thing
3. a great ward family and especially ones that cook yummy meals.
4. motrin and lortab, to take pain away
5. willow tree statue collection i have 30 now and each one is as special as the next who HONOR their priesthood
7.checking the bank account and it isnt negative. yippee

1.dalmations family dog river and piper church
5. not going shopping

1. family
2. shopping at any place
3.playing games
4.doing puzzles
5.bean and cheese burritos movie night, and family home evening
7. playing on the trampoline

1.sleeping with elmo
2. snuggling with my mom and dad
3.playing on the trampoline and playing in the sandbox
4.going on the waterslide
5.playing with water guns piper pizza (he's the only one in the family that doesnt like mexican food.)
7.going to see grandpa in california

they were each asked and not helped, i thought they turned out cute, funny, and true!

Happy Mom's Day

Hello all moms out there, from our house to yours... have a happy mom's day! rest all day. take care, and feel our hugs from us to you.....

Iam so greatful I had the oppourtunity to be a mom. physically give birth & nurse from my body, what a special thing. mentally & spiritually, be prepared from help with our father in heaven. I am very greatful for the wonderful gift i have been given to be a mom.

Thursday, May 8, 2008

Congratulations are in order

Baby sims- girl- Alexa jane Sims. she is so darling!
Baby simpson girl- ????? simpson. goodl luck picking a name, she is so cute with a full head of hair.
Baby boy Elder- Jack elder- so cute little man.
Congrats to all the new moms and dads, and welcome to the world little people! I can't wait to meet you all. You have Great parents!

abc list

This is such a fun list.. just copy and past and add your own good & bad things...

A-Attached or Single?- Attached
B-Best Friend?- David, aka the hunk of burning love
C-Cake or Pie?- cake costco white cake buttercream filling & frosting- Pie cherry or apple a la mode
D-Day of Choice?- Sunday, I love the sabbath
E-Essential Item?- Mascara, water, dr pepper
F- Favorite color? RED most of the time (ditto Sara)
G-Gummy Bears or Worms?- neither, but i love Sweet cinnamon bears
H-Hometown?-Oceanside, California
I-Favorite Indulgence?- Chips and Salsa, and an Strawberry shake or chipotle bean burrito
J-January or July? Hands down, January. the snow in Utah and the nice weather in Arizona. I love fourth of July though
K-Kids? 3- Connor, Ashley, Ethan
L-Life isn't complete without? My husband kids and dr pepper
M-Marriage Date?- June 20th
N-Number of brothers and sisters?4 sisters 4 brother in laws 4 sister inlaws
O-Oranges or Apples?- Depends on the day i love them both, but the oranges from my In laws fruit trees in cali are to die for!
P-Phobia and Fears? Sometimes I'm afraid a snake is going to come up out
of the toilet, while I'm sitting on it, unrealistic, but probable. (Ditto from sara oh my gosh i cant believe we are both afraid of that) And of course as everyone knows CLAUstropHobiA....bigtime
Q-Quote?- "remember who you are and dont let it get you down" a missionary that taught me the gospel
R-Reason to smile?- life is too short not too.
S-Season of choice?- Winter...cold cold cold
T-Tag ten people?-anyone who wants to!
U-Unknown fact about me?- it wouldnt be unknown
V-Vegetable?- Baked potatoes with everything on it.
W-Worse habit?- having to multi task while I watch tv, drives DAVID crazy. Showing a couple times a day, vacumming a couple times a day
Y-Your favorite food?- bean and cheese burrito, dr pepper water
Z-Zodiac Sign?- taurus


Alrighty my friends. This post is for you. I am receiving calls, cards, Flowers, Gifts, Housekeepers, help picking up kidss, frozen treats, meals and emails from all my loved ones. THANK YOU. Thanks for the prays, concern and everything else on my behalf!!!! I love you each one more than the next. I wanted to explain a little what is going on. By nature I am very private and don't share things but with the ones I really trust, but here is the scoop so everyone knows it from ME, not second hand.

feb 05- my doctor does vaginal/bladder reconstruction and wants to do a hysterectomy because my female stuff isn't working right. bleeding irregular, my vaginal wall and everything literally hanging out of me,pain from endometriosis ( very mild).... all caused from having babies. my body was not made to give birth or be pregnant!!

2years go by in pain everymonth pretty severe, but manageable.

Feb 07 I started with irregular periods so irregular that my cycle has lasted about 25 days a month. i know you you women are feeling that pain!! ha-ha. That was along with the excruciating pain. Along with the excruciating pain, nasty narcotic drugs on occasion to ease the pain. I have been throwing up and all that goes with that!

Fast forward to April 07 I went to the ob/gyn and he says your system is out of whack, you should have had the hysterectomy done a long time ago. but give me more pain meds and sends me on my way.

June o7 make an appt to be seen, because it is sooooooo unbearable, and they schedule my appt for Oct 07 yes 4 months because the west valley of phoenix is so busy with babies.

Sept07 Im now 30 pounds heavier from one year before and I land in the ER because I am bleeding so severly I don't even want to describe. they load me with drugs again and send me home. They get an emerency appt to my OB for 2 days later and they start running tests, blood, ultrasound, etc. They find a mass in my stomach and it didnt look good. So she sets me up for 2 different biopsies( with no pain med, why???? they seem to give it to me so freely) and they find a tumor in my uterus as well as on the cervix, and send it to the lab. She says it will take up to 2 weeks.. it took 2 days and everything was clean as in NO CANCER. What cancer? The doctor then says, I was sure you had Uterine cancer. oh my gosh!!!! so she runs more tests and determines the best thing again is a Hysterectomy and Re do the vaginal reconstuction, tune it up a bit. so i schedule for nov 07, then dec 07 Then feb 08 and THEN March 30th! Its all done and I am recovering. I am in so much pain, and will be down on the couch, on bed rest for about 3 more weeks, no lifting for 12 weeks and in about 6 months they said I should be back to sort of normal. My cute hunk is taking care of things. we have had many meals come in, flowers, cards, calls, a new soft pair of jammies to recover in. a delicious frozen treat broght by,prayers, a cute friend to clean, a cute friend to fold laundry, a sister in law help clean, a sister take kids to school on surgery day. Thanks to all for helping me recover faster,and helping my man with things since he is still working full time from home too. I feel very blessed for all your love and support

Strep throat

so amidst the chaos here. Connor man has strep throat! yippee for us . Wish him well on a speedy recovery.

Sunday, May 4, 2008

hanging with my girl

So I am in no shape to attend church yet. so my hunk left one of darling chickens behind to tend to my needs. tink has taken good care of me. Our good friend Tina watched her the other night for us and lent her an outfit to sleep it, well she wont take it off she loves it so I will wash it ( actually david will) and we'll get it back to you tina! My little girl is so cute to be so attentive to my needs. i am ready to not feel so loopy from the meds, but i know its helping me heal.

Saturday, May 3, 2008

Room with a view!!!!

Here Is a bunch of random fotos that the kids took and David took. I look AWfUL!!!! The doctor said I would swell from the gases during surgery. they were right and I was soooooo pale. With sweet flower bouquets from David's work, Our neighbors Tommy & Becky, My sisters and Mom and our sweet sweet dear friends Sean & Michelle. Thanks for the cheerfull flowers you all brought in and Prayers and kisses and hugs.The jammies for me to recover in, the cards. the meals have been amazing and those of you that helped with the kids. David and I can't thank you enough. Thanks for the calls too. I found out many of you called wed and thursday and i don't even remember ( sorry!) i feel so lucky to have so many great friends. i totally believe in quality not quantity, and i have BOTH!!
Well my room had a Great view of the cardinal stadium, so beautiful and the food was room service not cafeteria, so you get a menu to pick from, too bad I didnt eat all 4 days, besides jello and crackers. Thanks for all youve done for my family and i have a long reco ery but i am thanks ful to have so many of you around me. love you all.

Friday, May 2, 2008

Still here...

I am still here at the hospital. Iam so lonely, I never get alone time like this and i don't particularly like it. Thanks for coming by kelly, michelle and sean, and the flowers that have been brought in. Flowers make a hospital room a little less, blaaaaaaaah. It sure is a nice hospital, but with boys out at the father son campout and Ashley at the Bowes for babysitting group I wish I was out doing more fun things like they all get too. Thanks mom and dad, mom t and katy, sierra and ward family for all the calls, prayers cards, you're all too cute for thinking of me. I'mdoing well, although i was suppose to go home today, so hopefully tomorrow will be the day. 4 days is toooooooooo long. Love you all for thinking of me.

The Hoopes 5