Sunday, June 28, 2009


I have wanted to post about this many times and haven't. If you are around me for about 5 minutes. You will hear me say....Lovebug. the thing is I love lady bugs, always have.
I did not realize til a few years ago, how often I say it. All the closest people in my life, have caught on and many letters cards and gifts have something to do with a lady bug. Well today Dave and I were given these lovebug, ladybug cupcakes with the cutest little poem and letter attached so I knew I had to share.
For your FYI, my NANA always called me Lovebug. She was my favorite person in the whole wide world. Lovebugs are a bug in Florida( where they Lived), that are the male and female attached. They are born that way. Funny I know, but these bugs are horrible. They splat on all cars that drive in Florida, all over the hoods and are a pain to clean off, so thus came the nickname, maybe I was a pain too, but the nickname stuck. So Ladybugs aka lovebugs in our house a big part of me!

Random Snapshots

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We have been so busy and it sounds cliche because I am always busy but this week we really were crazy busy. We were lucky enough to watch our good friends kids and we got to stay at their home and play with the kids all week and swim. It was a fun week, needless to say! we swam and swam and swam.

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Random Snapshots

A and her best friend M

My cutest sister Katy, Mike and S..I threw her a shower in Calif this last weekend and she is such a babe!

My cute man, and my favorite Uncle Jeff.

My gift to my sister Katy, A diaper cake that My friend Melisa helped me with. I have made a few of these but this turned out the cutest by far!

My 3 sand crabs. E was not happy to oblige to do this so we could gt a picture!

I love this

E on the horse miles by himself

Grampy and A on the quad

Grampy and C on the quad. They sure had fun!

Our scout outing to the lake, we had sooooo much...
This is some randoms, which are my favorite from the last 2 busy weeks of our life!Just a little look into our life.

swimming. swimming. swimming. Did I mention swimming?

c, a, a, and a. what a funny bunch they are! the best of friends

a's official swim picture. she is a cute little thing!

a diving off.
a coming in from her freestyle

3 amigos.

I love this pic. A AND A are cheering on c.

C's official swim pic.

C & A are in swim team in our town. They go 5 days a week and they love it. They are getting really good to..> C swam in 3 events 100 m relay, 50 m freestyle and 25 back stroke and came in 6 out of 8 in them. He did great. Especially for his first meet. A swam in 2 events and came in 6th of 8. she did great too. I was asked to record lane ordrs and it was fun but stressful! Only 1 parent got mad at us. All in all it was a great time!

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Stolen Pics

This was from our Preschool End of the year celebration. Yippee! it was way fun! I had the best 5 kids this year and we had lots of fun!

Disclaimer, this pic is stolen from Zippy. I forgot to have one taken . thanks!

The Hoopes 5