Monday, July 26, 2010

summer 2010

this pic sums up our summer thus troubles. we bought a 2004 Nissan quest van in april 08 and have loved it. UNTIL now. we have spent many thousands of dollars and were without it for 6 weeks, ( more weeks it will be in the shop I am sure) and what a pain in the rear end. my man is seen here, squished under the car trying to fix the catalytic converter. this pic is taken at 10:30pm on a cool 106 degree night! we still had to have it towed!

during which our 3 little chickens decided to have a lemonade stand. 10:30 pm. if you drove down our culdesac you would hear the SCREAMINGS of our little woman. Fruit Punch, Lemonade and popsicles coming from the boys, too.

this is sonny (our oldest) sulking because no one was buying their product.

the marketing department with cool wet shammies to try and keep them cool around their necks

tink so happy to sell.....nothing but a glass of fruit punch to her mom for 50 cents.

notice my man in the garage under the car! love him.

sonny found this praying mantis in our living room and has been tending to it! actually a pretty cool pet

I miss these 2... no time for bread. and too hot to turn my oven on.

and what my 2 youngest have done allllllllll summer. sleep til sometimes 1 in the afternoon. they are burning the midnight oil. late night movie marathons. swimming. etc.

magee is drooling,
it is 11:47 and this is what they look like. Most days these 2 miss breakfast and lunch. what a life.

tink...actually snoring can you hear her?
sonny, so in harry potter 6. he has breezed through them this summer....
until next time.

Sunday, July 18, 2010


I love this......

The Hoopes 5