Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Green Eggs and Ham

pretty good pictures for last minute on my cell phone

We had a delightful breakfast with the most delightful friends, the Maxwells. We were invited for a yummy GO GREEN breakfast and, after M and I were able to accomplish a ton of scout stuff. We are co chairing an upcoming Camporee for Cub scouts. 6 Stakes and our entire district is involved. We have lots of meetings and I will just say that I havent seen a whole lot of my kids the last few months on a regular basis. It has been fun, but so much of my attention is being stretched. I have had a rough few months and I know the Lord will bless me for the things we as a family have been facing. I even feel overwhelmed at times, but life keeps going and going, and I am surviving. Tears, sleepless nights, meetings and lots of loving supportive kids hubby and friends, and this day was particularly special because it was a morning of just fun!

Thursday, March 5, 2009

I love to sew, i love Aprons and I love this fabric. I bought a whole bunch of it, and have made a few fun things out of it.

This is just a few of my favorites. I have an addiction. Ashley & Ethan where them too.Ashley and I made her an apron. She actually helped me sew it. I love the apron so much that I actually where it sometimes.

Ashley took this picture of me one day. I actually where an apron most days. I love them. This is the most comfy one and it is stained and gross but soft from being washed a ton.

The Hoopes 5