Tuesday, January 9, 2018

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Monday, January 8, 2018

Documenting your Documenting….

We live in a world of over  documentation. But is that a bad thing?
At a click of a button moments in life are documented.
Our cell phones take pictures, videos, text messages and everything in between and
they are at our fingertips.

It is so easy to get overwhelmed with everything that is saved onto our devices.
January 1st, i got a head start and cleaned out and backed up my files which automatically
backed up to Google Drive. And then I deleted over 2,000 pictures. Of those 2000 pictures 2000
of them came from my phone. Those pictures were screenshots, videos, screenshots, my kids funny
text  messages that I want to store. thos 2000+ shots were from a total of 9 days.
I know... I have a problem :)

You get  the idea….. there's pictures everywhere. Because I have Google Drive and
Dropbox on my phoneand my tablet they automatically are set sync to my laptop.
I have 5 external hardrives at a minimum of 2 TERABYTES a pieces. and 1 is a 6 TB.
I know I have a problem. I do safeguard my client work and my family shots.

I am a mom +  I am a photographer. = I document everything.

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I have way so many  things documented,
but i have learned that many are not necessary when
I look back I really don't want to save them.
I periodically go through and clean out my files.

I believe in over documenting,  I believe in  taking too many pictures
and looking back and taking
them out when i have a second thought on them. But they mean
something at different times so i wait and not be hasty to delete.   

We live in a Time I'm where we can do that we can fill up 32 megabytes of pictures
and in reality
only need need 3 megabytes all of those pictures.

We can delete them easy as pie. I pose the question.... what do we do to stay
on top of all the
pictures that we have documented before we get overwhelmed.?

I have a few tips on how to minimize being overwhelmed.

First…. Create a plan. Talk to your friends and find out what they're doing.  
Google options. There's great ideas.
Project Life by Becky Higgins is brilliant.
( i have met her and listened to
her process, she is spot on.)
Get on Pinterest. Search blogs and word presses and figure out what
works for your family needs. Then you can narrow down what will work for you.
( I saw and Instagram story from Becky Higgins late one night and
it changed my mindset forever, so
share your success stories...
Becky said at some point in the day she takes a few minutes to
go through and DELETE. AMEN.
I try to do this daily now to keep up with extras that are multiplesor bad shots.)

Your phone will organize for you

Second….organize. I took the time to research how I wanted to document the
documenting. For me I chose Chatbooks Off the recommendation of many
people and I had remembered someone gave me a coupon code  for $2 off Chatbooks.
I figured it couldn't hurt.  I went with that.  and there is so many different ways that you can do this.  you have to find what works for you.

Third... Figure out what you're going to keep before you start taking pictures
I manage 5 of my own instagrams and facebooks, but help with lots of other temple
photography pages on Facebook. I was going crazy with all the saved images of
others so the advice from Becky saved my chaotic, check list making mind.

Facebook Sites, its practically a full time job, not really but that would be a fun job.
Personal and business Instagram sites.

Fourth... hashtag  and tag the people to save and organize.  It may take you a few
extra minutes when you take the picture and upload it but it is worth all the time.

I set a goal a while back to attend a religious service twice a week. Once at my local church,
and once at my local temple. my goal was to do this for 52 weeks straight. 3 weeks into
my goal and documenting, I realized I needed to save this because the experiences
were rad. I spent 2 weeks figuring the best way to do this and Chatbooks it was. I
hashtagged each image, then uploaded themsometimes more than
1 a week with #52weekgoal

I gave a title of #52weekgoal

Showed my work and my fun. Thanks Whitney Sims, and Maxwell Family

I did that for 52 weeks straight and the result was 84 pictures. It was all organized
for me withvery little effort. I logged into chatbooks and uploaded the instagram
tag name, and hashtag, within 2 minutes my book was created. IT WAS BRILLIANT.
Don't over complicate.  Simplify. Take 10 pics, then delete a few.  
Find what works for you and and start documenting your documenting.

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