Tuesday, May 17, 2011


awe this is a long story, so I will spare my poor fingers from typing so much.   after a bad experience for a ton of ladies at girl's camp last year ( as in they had to all hear me snore)   BADLY.  I finally went to the doctor with my concerns 10 months ago and have been dealing with Allergies, snoring, insomnia, etc.  after....looooooots of money, snoring, time, tears, snoring, heartache, unromantic snoring.....I have   sleep apnea.  the doctors determined I stop breathing 20 times per HOUR and I snore, duh!  Loud, duh!  ;)

I have a really awesome machine that keeps me breathing all night, so that I don't stop breathing.  Needless to say this could be a long story but, It is a scary thing to have.   Maybe I will get brave enough to post my pretty pictures with the machine, Maybe

This is a scary thing to have you can read about it


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