Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Vaction to florida 09



the kids are on a real alligator!









Sunday, November 29, 2009

Our newest addition

We have a new addition to our family. SOPHIE the littlest chihuahua you have ever seen! we love her. We are all in love!!!!

this is A's bday gift. she was soooo surprised
River and Sophie. he is so gentle with her.

this is where she likes to sit on me. she is so teeny tiny

Monday, November 23, 2009

halloweeeeeeeeeen 09

C went with his buddies a trio He was toad and they were mario and luigi from nintendo.
A was a cheerleader from High school musical ethan was a Cowboy ninja.

we had a fun halloween. It is not a secret that I am not a halloween fan, but i do try. we had soup and bread bowls, a sick kid, upset stomachs and 3 streets we knocked doors. it was a simple night with some of our favorite people...that is the kind of Halloween I like.

Tuesday, October 27, 2009


So okay here is a post to everyone that has asked me to post more. I used to be so good about it but things have picked up the no time for it right now. Here is an update of why I am not trying to neglect my blog.....

The kids started school the end of August and have 4 day school weeks. So long days but 3 day weekends. So we play for 3 days instead of 2 because the other four days. We don't have anytime for anything else because

C became a Webelo Scout and is learning the trombone and piano, not much time for much else

A is in Activity days and learning the piano. not much time for much else.

I got called into Relief Society Presidency, ( and I thought Scouts was busy).

I started back to work part time after 11 years at the school with the kids heading up the reading program everyday. AMAZING, i love it, but i am learning to manage my time, and slowly figuring it out.

I am doing Relief Society stuff and thinking I was finishing up a scout event I started 6 months ago. To find out, my scouting career is just beginning because they want me for good to help out on the district level. Which is way fun. I accepted. maybe I am crazy.

Dad is now the 1st counselor in the bishopric, same as the 2nd but still different. and he is one busy man! He has been busy loosing lots of weight.

and little Magee. He is cute as can be

So needless to say. Facebook, Blogspot.com you have to wait. I will try to keep up, but I am going to face the facts. I can't play with you as much as i would like.

Deal with it!!!

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

I know a celebrity...

in the craft world that is... My sweet friend Vanessa Christenson.. You may have seen her blog when you have blog stalked mine. She is amazing. I gave her a kitchen table once.. she turned it to a vintage amazing piece! She is talented in all that she does. When we lived in Provo she lived right by me and we went to church together. Stitched together, sewed together. Got Dr. Peppers together... our oldest boys were buddies. she is fun. take a look at her blog. she is a craft goddess


as she is know better as V and Co..

happy blogging

Thursday, October 8, 2009

little man

my sista's little baby boy S. Is he not the cutest little mohawk baby! he is darling!

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

News Flash

This just in....it isn't 110 anymore, like it has been for the last 5 months. It is gorgeous! Suppose to be like 87 today. David planned to work outside because it is actually cold out side. You know you are accustomed to the hot weather when you say I'm freezing when it is 87. here is the evidence

Tuesday, September 29, 2009


Is is sometimes not the easiest thing to come up with a new blog title. I have not been blogging for a while now. Busy is the key word. I love my busy life. But it is catching up with me. I am coming down with SOMETHING. I can't shake it off. for the last week I have been crazy busy and feeling off. I don't see an end in sight. so here is a run down of my last 8 days.

Dinner with some friends at yummy Texas Roadhouse.( we haven't been out to dinner for about 5 months, so that wa a yummy treat)

church, meetings, church. love it!

We actually had a package in the mail come that we were expecting! a miracle. we have had mail issues for a loooooong time. we send out stuff and it never gets mailed out, and C had a bday card sent to him in august with money...he never got it. that is the kind of stuff that always happens.

FHE with a group of friends to make some thinking of you letters for a sweet man at church that wasn't feeling so great. The ambulance had to come get him from church, not fun.

Busy day of shopping, and then church meetings, and slipped in the garage on some power steering fluid. I fell RIGHt on my behind and messed up my shoulder and side of my body. i hurt for days!

went to an early morning session at the temple and made a day of it! so fun.

church meetings ( i was called a while back as Relief Society Sec., I thought Cubmaster kept me busy. not even close! I am still working with the Scout district.)

card night with some girlies and actually skipped a church meeting to socialize.

Another day at the temple for stake temple night and it was packed. we have the BEST stake around. best ward, too. Love those people.

After a long day, and night at the temple a sweet treat at Bahama Bucks in Mesa, we just discovered this and it's incredible. then up at 5 am to attend an eagle scout project which was so fun and we all learned alot about concrete!

then off to the general relief society broadcast.

church and a new calling for Dave ( he was 2nd counselor in bishopric now he is 1st)

a busy day for him again and the week starts again. I am trying to stay motivated but I do not feel good. I am looking forward to another weekend of General conference. it is one of my favorite 2 weekends of the year. some family coming to town and get to hang out, if i am not still sick with this stupid flu thing. I don't do sick good because I don't stop to take care of me. Sad I can admit this but I still don't do anything about it!

David and Magee had it last week and Magee is still getting over it. Why me! keep your icky germs to yourself.

Well my worldwind week long activities of service, family, the temple, and a few treats were amazing.

I am blessed.

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Good things

I had some energy to burn out on my walls and this is how they turned out.

Sunday, August 16, 2009

Nienie and the Hot tamale

My hunk had left for church for his duties, I have my Sunday duties as the get everybody ready, on time for church with as little yelling as possible and everyone was almost ready. I had already been up for a while and thought "I am going to catch up my favorite read....Nienie Dialogues. Well I didn't expect to be so touched by her recent picture post of herself and her hunk. The picture of a woman so changed by a fiery plane crash which changed her outward appearance so drastically, but her eyes are still the same. Eyes are told to be the window to the world. Her world was changed a year ago, and I often think of her trials so big and Seemingly unbeatable when I am in my own frustrating moments of life and how I feel sorry for myself. Well I wasn't having one of the those moments, but I was crying. Crying for Nie and all she has had to endure. I was visible to my little Mageeman. Well I did one last check of everyone, hair gelled and brushed, ties on straight, scriptures in hand, sock on and

I said to my little Mageeman," you are one hot tamale" he smiled unsurely, and I said...Do you know what a hot tamale is?

his response.. Yep it is just like a Mike and Ike but not as hot, and spicy.

my response... You are right but it also means You are one handsome man who I love so much.

Still with tears in my eyes, I hugged my mageeman so tightly and kissed his soft cheek, which in return he kissed my lips that were covered in mint lip gloss and he said you are pretty mom.

I cried more. That went on all day at church and I was so thankful for the chance to hug and see my little children everyday and be a part of their life. I am so thankful for the things in life that make us stronger even when we get broken down sometimes. Sometimes we give to much power to others when our only thing we should be giving the power to is the Lord. He gives us all these things. He makes all these experiences possible. I am blessed.

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Trip to Cali...Randoms

We had a fun filled week in Cali and some friends came down to hang out too. We did the beach 5 days out of 6 and we had a funnnnnnnnn time. We love to go down and see grandma & grandpa hoopes. My kids love to dig and dig and dig in the sand. They had a good time. We camped at the beach in Grampy's new RV. Went to Seaport Village, La jolla Coves, seal beach and chilled at Oceanside beach, we could have stayed there forever... We got to see nieces and nephews, especially the newest addition 3 weeks old! Uncle david always steals he babies.

Friday, July 31, 2009

.....10 words women want....


what do all these words have in common? according to yahoo.com This is what women want. It always makes me laugh, their theories of what men or women want. anyhow. I lucked out.I got the man of my dreams and he consistently gives all of these. i am a lucky girl! and I am not afraid to say it.

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Golfing with my love

My sweet lovebug and I had a hot date...literally a hot date at the Golf Course... 18 holes of golf, 4 hours together,a ride on a golf cart and 115 degree weather equals a fun time with my man

E's 6th bday

the cake HE wanted and helped decorate..... not our best work.

Breakfast in bed

His treats from his family.

Better late than never. Our littlest lovebug turned 6. We can hardly believe it. He is such a good kid. He is our romantic boy. He always has to be on my lap or kissing mommy or loving on dad. He has a tender heart, but he also can be fiesty. He loves his big brother C and they are complete opposites. E leaves his room a wreck while c is very tidey. Lots of battles are played out while cleaning their room. He will be a 1st grader and loves his friends. he loves anything camoflauge. He loves to wear his cowboy boots and he enjoys anything with sugar in it! He has a laugh that is just infectious and he smiles and you can't say no! I am so greatful my little sidekick is with our family. we have been blessed so many ways by him. He is


So I lay here not being able to move well, as I threw my back out. I am hurting. I dont have back problems but today, I am sore. All because I pretend to be super human woman who can move any piece of furniture on my own. I really can, i just sometimes get hurt. So I wish I could help others out today, but getting off my lazy bum isn't really going to happen.. maybe better luck tomorrow.

Sunday, July 19, 2009

My lil Sis

My babe of a sister KATE THE SKATE had a bday today!

katy. kary. mom. kristy. kyley. kelly

sierra. mike and katy weeks from delivery

katy and her cutest friend ally.

katy sierra mike in dec 08

I am going to start a new tradition of writing lovely things about my peeps...on their big birthdays. So here is the 1st and it's special post will be on sweet little sister Katy. Katy is one of my favorite people. Katy just had a new little baby boy named Shane. We can't wait to meet him. Katy is 2 years younger than me. She has always been the laid back go with the flow sister. I wish I was more like her. She is a wonderful mom, sister, friend. She has the skinniest legs and they are long. She is a babe and when we were in high school we could go to filibertos and she would get us free food. She stole my student ID when we were in high school so she could get off campus to go to UPPERCRUST Pizza. She still loves that place. they do have the best salads and ranch. She and i are lots alike. She is the fun aunt that my kids just adore. I love her so much she is definetly a babe! happy birthday kate the skate!

Sunday, June 28, 2009


I have wanted to post about this many times and haven't. If you are around me for about 5 minutes. You will hear me say....Lovebug. the thing is I love lady bugs, always have.
I did not realize til a few years ago, how often I say it. All the closest people in my life, have caught on and many letters cards and gifts have something to do with a lady bug. Well today Dave and I were given these lovebug, ladybug cupcakes with the cutest little poem and letter attached so I knew I had to share.
For your FYI, my NANA always called me Lovebug. She was my favorite person in the whole wide world. Lovebugs are a bug in Florida( where they Lived), that are the male and female attached. They are born that way. Funny I know, but these bugs are horrible. They splat on all cars that drive in Florida, all over the hoods and are a pain to clean off, so thus came the nickname, maybe I was a pain too, but the nickname stuck. So Ladybugs aka lovebugs in our house a big part of me!

Random Snapshots

Click on pic for bigger view

We have been so busy and it sounds cliche because I am always busy but this week we really were crazy busy. We were lucky enough to watch our good friends kids and we got to stay at their home and play with the kids all week and swim. It was a fun week, needless to say! we swam and swam and swam.

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Random Snapshots

A and her best friend M

My cutest sister Katy, Mike and S..I threw her a shower in Calif this last weekend and she is such a babe!

My cute man, and my favorite Uncle Jeff.

My gift to my sister Katy, A diaper cake that My friend Melisa helped me with. I have made a few of these but this turned out the cutest by far!

My 3 sand crabs. E was not happy to oblige to do this so we could gt a picture!

I love this

E on the horse miles by himself

Grampy and A on the quad

Grampy and C on the quad. They sure had fun!

Our scout outing to the lake, we had sooooo much...
This is some randoms, which are my favorite from the last 2 busy weeks of our life!Just a little look into our life.

swimming. swimming. swimming. Did I mention swimming?

c, a, a, and a. what a funny bunch they are! the best of friends

a's official swim picture. she is a cute little thing!

a diving off.
a coming in from her freestyle

3 amigos.

I love this pic. A AND A are cheering on c.

C's official swim pic.

C & A are in swim team in our town. They go 5 days a week and they love it. They are getting really good to..> C swam in 3 events 100 m relay, 50 m freestyle and 25 back stroke and came in 6 out of 8 in them. He did great. Especially for his first meet. A swam in 2 events and came in 6th of 8. she did great too. I was asked to record lane ordrs and it was fun but stressful! Only 1 parent got mad at us. All in all it was a great time!

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Stolen Pics

This was from our Preschool End of the year celebration. Yippee! it was way fun! I had the best 5 kids this year and we had lots of fun!

Disclaimer, this pic is stolen from Zippy. I forgot to have one taken . thanks!

Friday, May 29, 2009

Summer has begun!

Click on the picture for a bigger view.
Our summer officially started a week ago. No more school. We have a family tradition that we go to Sonic on the last day of school. We have done for 4 years now. The kids have kept busy. They started Swim team 2 weeks ago and go every day and they love it. We had our first Lemonade stand of the summer and A and A earned a whole 1.50. We joined the harkins 1 time a week movie program and we have already had lots of play dates, swimming, playing on the water slide and of course the trusty Trampoline. I am already tired. Not really but we are off to a good...busy.... start! Last year this same time, both the cute man and I were recovering from our mishaps and surgeries and did not get to play with our little chickens like we wanted to. I plan to make up for it this year. A friend yesterday said" I can never get a hold of you, you are never home" That is always true during the school year but even worse now. So call my cell or you are out of luck, and since my message thing on my cell isn't so trusty just keep calling and when I am not play ing with my 3 favorite little people, I will chit- chat but I am looking forward to lots of fun so if you want play just call!
I had to post this it is too funny. What are we all doing and who took this picture???

The Hoopes 5