Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Magee's early Bday gift.

Magee is so cute. He has been seranading us non stop and thinks he is a rockstar. Good thing he is so dang cute. His sister is ready to hurt him though. He got a small acoustic guitar from us. How cute is he!

Thursday, June 17, 2010

My swimmers

In 3 meets this is the collection

my swimmers are so cute. they work hard and love to swim with all their friends.
more pics to come

Friday, June 11, 2010

GOOD man....

I love this man...we met started dating June 10, 1997

married June 20,1998

we had a baby in 1999

baby in 2000

baby in 2003

married in 1998

we were in the celestial room for the first time together on this day
12 years later we took our family to the gila valley temple open house and spent the first time in the celestial room with all of our children. there is nothing sweeter. tears came to my eyes as my sweetheart and i looked at each other knowing that we are a family forever. our 12th... actually 13th anniversary is approaching and my sweet heart who has made some plans for us.
Dave started a new job recently,works with the youth at church and gives it his all, he was called to be Bishop, gives his all to our family and the members of our congregation with his whole heart, attends to the house and our every need. In the midst of all this busy chaos. he has planned a anniversary getaway for us at the fancy biltmore hotel, dinner at ruth chris and a broadway show. he is good to me. we have great people that help us with our children and we have a great life. i am thankful for my blessings.

The Hoopes 5