Sunday, November 25, 2007

It;s beginning to look alot like Christmas...

The Ugly

The pretty ( but our flash is weird, it's actually prettier in person)

So we spent Friday & Sat getting our house holiday ready!! We have a family tradition that we have been able to uphold every year, but the last 2 years(our home was too small) for 2 trees! We call 1" The Pretty Tree", and one "the Ugly Tree"..with no disrespect. The kids don't even know we call it that! but This year was especially hilarious. Note the lights on the ground, and the decor all in 1 spot, Where they could reach from couch! What a crack up we laughed so hard. Fun times.

But the story gets better! we put lights up outside and 2 deers, 1 standing 1 with the deer moving up & down to get water in a pond made by blue lights. Well, we put it all up & the whole family went out to look at the lights, when our new puppy, River, immediately went over to the "pond", and went to the bathroom. Our little man Ethan said "look River is filling up the pond". we laughed. Well the next day, Ethan was outside working with me in the garage and went over to the "pond", and started to fill up the pond. It wasnt funny (at the time), now great stories to tell!

Thursday, November 22, 2007

Turkey Day!!!

Well another Thanksgiving done and over. too many to count We ended up with a big crew here, and what a blast. we had fun. I will admit many missed out on my husbands delicious bird. It was so yummy, (coming from the woman who doesn't each much meat Or poultry). Wow can he make a mean juicy bird! 6 pies and and too much food, for us all to eat. Played some games, Water sliding...Needless to say it was a successful day! We had Usc & Asu Fans here. Stinky Usc won....I will post fotos later! Funny times. What a fun day to be thankful. Some of the many things I am trulely thankful for....
My husband, & 3 kids
The Gospel
Our savior
Good Education
Good Health
Good washer & dryer (sounds weird but i love doing laundry)
Honesty, & Forgiveness & Patience
The oppourtunity to teach my kids and grow from them teaching me
bath time & bed time ( so fun to snuggle & read, and be my kids last thoughts at night)
A great job that pays the bills

I hope that you all found you Thanksgiving as a great as mine. Happy Thanksgiving, Gobble, Gobble...

Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Thanksgiving Festivities

Well this is my fourth year being a room mom. I was Connor's kinder 2 times, first grade, & this year, And I am Ashleys this year too. I have to say i am a pro at holiday parties, because I have done a ton of them. Ethan had his first school performance and it was darling! Yummy food too. It's is so fun to get in the spirit of it all. Thank goodness I am pretty much done with Christmas shopping. Happy thanksgiving to all!!

Sunday, November 18, 2007

Really is it actually over?

Soccer is really over, we had the team party. Ashley played on Team crew in Verrado. She had fun. She has always wanted to try soccer. We make our little people wait till they get to the size of some of the kids in their class to play sports. She was the 2nd oldest on the team and the smallest. Funny how that always works. There were 5,6 & 7 year olds on the team. She is going to do Cheerleading in the spring. She can't wait. At least we will get a bit of a break! Connor gets to resume full schedule with Golf now because soccer sometimes interfered with his schedule. These kids just get busier by the minute.

Thanksgiving & Christmas Eve

Well most of you got invites to Thanksgiving Dinner & Christmas Eve dinner recently. We know so many are busy, & we knew some already have plans, but don't want to leave anyone out, (It's important to us that everyone gets an invite regardless of plans) If you have plans, or don't and want to come by please do we have a huge group going to be here. We will be eating ALL day and should have fun. David & I went to his cousin Jen's house last year after having a big turkey day at our home, and had so much fun playing games and eating, so we will be doing the same here. Christmas Eve applies too. We have a great big crowd coming. It should be special. We were hoping to make it California for Christmas, but I will be having surgery shortly before and I will not be able to travel. So come see us. Love to all!! Have a Happy Thanksgiving!

Book Club

I have gotten on the book club bandwagon. We read a book a month that we all decide on and then get together and discuss it. Next month is at my home. Now you all know this is a huge difference from Card Making club. I have done that for 7 Years. So this takes up about the same amount of time, But not as creative.but a nice change. I am reading TWILIGHT to catch up on the book they read 2 months ago that they loved. Read it it's great!

Friday, November 16, 2007

The Giant Dog & the Teacher

This is Ashley's 1st grade teacher, Becky & her dog Ranger. He is a Golden doodle. and as she says a freak of nature BIG. He is hilarious. Becky also live 2 doors away from us ansd she is a fun friend. She comes for dinner & hangs out. It is fun to have great neighbors, that turn into friends.

Sunday, November 11, 2007

Mexican train

Have you ever played? My MIL loves this game. So she taught us and I taught my kids. What a fun game! It's a fun game for the kids learning about numbers and patterns, but my kids can't get enough recently so that is fun to play something that they like and ME! Isn't being a parent grand. I love every bit of it!!!!

Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Pretty Princess and the Piano..

Cute little Tink finally started piano lessons. She has been begging us and we waited till she was responsible enough to practice, and soccer was over. ( We are very careful they are only in 1 activity at a time, with the church responsibilities they have to go to as well) So she was thrilled & she has a great teacher. Fun for her. Our little girl is growing up. and might I say waaay to fast..

Laptop Adventures

I got my laptop working. Hallelujah! I have been MIA on the web since Friday. I had to take my laptop to the geek squad and have them take thousands of my pictures and files off my hard drive. so i lost a good portion of my computer contents though. which just stinks. but I am back on... Yippee. I am trying to get causght up on lots of things though. So the moral of this story is BACKUP your files!! We are going to do this weekly now. It is so not worth missing the files.

Sunday, November 4, 2007

Halloween Update

We had a fun week of festivities. My SIL Bobbi had a fun party at her home Wed. We trick or treated, and David's parents and brother came into town. Then all of us gals went to lunch. My little nieces started with the Flu bug on halloween past it to their mom, then once my brother in law got to our home, they went paintballing, and he came down with the flu bug. My MIL was feeling it last night, and NOW, my FIL has it. It's inevitable we are going to get it. We feel terrible for them, they are just hanging out sick. They are suppose to make the treck back to cali but, they are feeling so crummy.
To top off everything my computer crashed, fatally. so i have to take it in and try to save my thousands of pics. I am so frustrated I didnt back up my files. hopefully they can retrieve them. We hope the next week brings more adventures.

The Hoopes 5