Sunday, August 21, 2011

summer of 2011.....

Girl's Camp
Dave's First trip to Girl's Camp...He was surprised, to say the least at some of the Girl's camp Events.....
( our buddies Zoila and Jared .....aka  Sister Schank & Bishop Schank w/ Bishop & Sister Hoopes)
He makes me so proud on the the pink toilet-  THE THRONE haha
The Buckeye 2nd ward, Young Women and leaders, and Bishop and Brother Gable ( 1st Counselor to Dave), Sister Rashedi, Sister Gable, Sister Gassaway

I didn't get to go to camp this year  despite being put into the YW program Last fall. I was called to be an advisor in the YW program, and This summer I was called to be the First Counselor in the YW program and I am hoping I get to the next time we have camp. It is such an inspired program!


Family Reunion In Newport Beach, Ca
Yummy! He still takes my breath away.
  I am so glad he picked me.

 Our trip to Newport Beach for a family reunion.
Getting ready for our family picture, some still missing, apparently I don't have the Picture with ALL of us.
The Hoopes-Farrow-Dupree-Jackson Family Rocks!!!!!!
Best Family reunion ( and our 1st, but it will be hard to top, It was a blast!)

Ethan's Baptism July 30th, 2011

Ethan is the Cutest 8 year old ever! He loves his red glasses too which cracks me up!
 Zoi and Kary  Friends who stand by each other.  
 This is what makes the world go round, people who care through it all!  Love this woman!
Ethan was Baptized this summer into the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints. 
Nana & Pop & Aunt Kyley-  

Ethan's baptism gathering,
We are thankful that the Farrows, Tillery's Hoopes' Jackson's Dupree's and lots of friends came to see him baptized. We are thankful to have good people all around us!

Ethan & Sister Colleen Harris- he loved  Sister Harris as the Primary President.

Ethan & LANDON----Ethan's life revolves around Landon, He loves this kid, We all do, They are one day apart and the best of friends.  he cam to support Ethan on his big day!  Yes I know It's a surprise my kid is short! SHOCK ;)
Families are forever

Connor had his first 007 Party. They had so much fun!  A & A maxwell , Z & M Mcnelley, M kerr, M schank, and Connor & Ethan all dressed in black, and this was all the kid's idea of being in disguise!   We drop them off in the neighborhood and they have to make their way home to our house, with out being caught while we drive with big flashlights and find them! It is so fun.  Our ward does it with the young men, Cousin Tristan's Ward Does it and now we do it,  Our new favorite family game.

Connor is 12 & got the Priesthood, and went to Young Men's

Connor is 12- Which means this is the our newest Priesthood holder in the house!  He is such a good example to us all. ( He passes the sacrament for the first time today)

Back to School & 
Father's Blessings

Tomorrow is the first day of school, so Tonight was Father's Blessings and preparing for a new year.   I am excited and nervous all at the same time for them!

Ashley & her Paddy- 10 1/2 going into 5th grade

Ethan & his Dad- 8 going into 3rd grade

Connor and his Dad- 12 going into 6th grade
(the 2 most handsome men ever)
Phoenix Arizona Temple Ground Breaking  June 2011

David and I had the opportunity with the Bishops and Stake presidents in the area to go to the invitation only ground breaking of the Phoenix,Arizona Temple gound breaking. It was awesome.

Swimming with the Buckeye Bullfrogs again

My swimmers, I will add one of Connor's later


A & L are so stinkin cute together.

David- Doug- Dan

We had a fun summer, we are so thankful for the blessing we have and the people around us that help build our lives in positive ways. Our family has lots of growing to do, but we are learning the  good people that need to help us and not hurt us.  We can't wait for new adventures!

Sunday, August 14, 2011

july 4.2011

our july 4th rocked in Gilbert where its legal to have fireworkds.  I was a great fun family day!  These are the delicious cupcakes Gma made for ethan's 8th birthday.  We love the treats she makes!

 all these babies are the best company. we love to take turns holding these new little personalities.  i love them. i am so thankful they are part of our family.
 d getting his baby food on!   new adventures in the culinary world.
 honestly,  this is darling.  cuter than cute!
 my tinkjust out of the pool
my special firecracker. i love this man.

 Con, my buddy. he is such a good man. love him
I love this.  everyone was so excited

rocking the sparklers.

Millie and Bryce and K and K, cute and color coordinated. 
They are such a sweet family.

The Hoopes 5