Tuesday, February 17, 2009


I have been bad and not reading blogs, commenting, I just need a breath. More later...

Sunday, February 15, 2009


I have been wanting to post this for a long time, and today I am doing it. We decided a few years ago not to do the whole Super Bowl Sunday thing ...anymore. We always had a huge party every year when we were in Utah and a year or 2 while we have been in AZ but I have always felt like it is not the thing that we should be doing on a SUNday. I love Sundays. I love that we get to stay home. for many it is HAVE to stay home. We get to stay home. We rarely travel on Sundays, we don't normally visit family. We don't go outside to play or jump on the trampoline or such. We do take cookies and treats to people and write and craft and we don't shop. We never go out to get sweet treats or food and make someone else work. I love Sundays and can actually nap now and rest. I just love Sundays. Well we recently were told by someone that we should come to a Super bowl party and we said we don't do a big superbowl thing. For many reasons, but basically because we don't want to. WELL, today was Ward Conference and it was what I needed. The theme was KEEPING THE SABBATH DAY HOLY. It was brought up too many times to count that we should not be watching the Super Bowl. Yippee. Someone, actually many agree with what David and I feel is right. It was also said along with many other things that we should be focused on our family. There is so many other things to be doing. I am going to stive harder and harder to keep the special sabbath holy. I have a lot that as a mom I need to keep working on. But for my children's sake I need to be the example of what to do, not just preach it.

...happy love day ...

We had a really fun Love day as we call it in our home. We received lots of Love treats from our friends and Grandma & Grandpa Hoopes. We also got to give a bunch of them, too. We always spend the day together as a family and this year we got to watch some friends kids so they could go and spend time alone. The kids were so fun to have and we got to do a little love day craft. WE made love book markers for our scriptures. and the little girls gave some to their favorite friends.
David eating a chocolate dipped red hot pepper I bought him from the Chocolate factory I took my preschoolers on a fieldtrip to. It is an inside joke because I am extremely allergic to then. Tink tried it too.
Ethan Opening all his love notes from his school buddies

Connorhad so many treats it was sick!

I helped out with ethan\s kinder love day party and I was incharge of the game and i did pin the heart on the love heart. The kids thought it was so fun. I could not think of anything to do because I slept like 2 hours and we had Grandma/Grandpa Hoopes staying with us ( which was so fun, so we spent our time with them) and My brain was dead !

For Valentines I do a Love basket for each of my kids and hot love. The kids love it! this year they got blankets and gloves for our campout in the mountains and a candy bar and some craft supplies.

Tink also got a special necklace from dad and I.

My cute valentine made me the cutest basket of all! all my favorite things. Rolos, raisinets my favorite gum, Orbit sweet mint a candle and an Itunes card.

My Friend Melisa M. made 100 of these chocolate heart pizzas for her scout age boys to sell for a fundraiser, we were given one for love day! We felt so priveledged!

The girls and I making bookmarks on valentines night.
THanks to all the sweet people that gave us sweet treats. We hope everyone had a special day!

We had a really fun Love day as we call it in our home. We received lots of love treats from our friends and Grandma & Grandpa Hoopes. We also got to give a bunch of them, too. We always spend the day together as a family and this year we got to watch some friends kids so they could go and spend time alone. The kids were so fun to have and we got to do a little love day craft. WE made love book markers for our scriptures. and the little girls gave some to their favorite friends.

Sunday, February 8, 2009


I have been a busy little bee. Lots of sewing projects with my new sewing machine.22 Red vests that Ashley helped me make one saturday night. We copied my friend Melisa's son's vest and cut them all out and sewed them all. I wish I would have taken pictures with her sewing on the machine. I made them for each of the little Cub Scouts I work with.
I did a makover on all of the pillows on my couch. I love the pattern of the fabric and I love all the colors.

I made each of the kids a travel pillow to bring down stairs when they watch a movie. Connor's Dalmations obviously, Ethan Camo print, duh, and Ashley a cute pattern with little owls on it. they love them and take them everywhere.

I was having a day on Saturday. Pretty much a break from life as Kary as you usually know her and I needed a change. which came in the way of redoing my ENTIRE kitchen. I took the doors off the pantry, and redid it all so that they can be open and organized. I love it! I am going to paint the inside of the back walls. any ideas on a color?

I look forward to a fresh new week!

Busy week

We started our week with some friends for Fhe. then 2 different days of Play dates, and ended the weekend with a hike . Here is some fun pictures.

The kids using my parafin wax on their hands. take a peek at our garbage and recyclin. Mr. Hoopes forgot to take our garbage cans out and we are to the max!

On our hike the Kids found a skeleton of a cow. The farmers always just dump the dead ones. So sad.

The weather was just gorgeous! This is why people live in Arizona.

She cracks me up.. She is just the cutest little thing. Today at church a lady said to ashley. are you really 8 you look 6. I wanted to say welcome to our world of little people!

David thought he was soooooo cool that he could spin it. He actually spun it for a bit too.

Connor on his 3rd play date of the week. His buddies A & A came to play, these are 2 of the best kids on the planet they are the youngest of 6 boys. their mother is a SUPERSTAR to raise 6 amazing boys with so much respect and integrity. We had such a fun night playing with these boys.

For FHE we played with the Maxwell family Dash out. It was fun running around like a bunch of chickens and nothing got broken.

Connor on the 1st Playdate of the week. With M they were riding bikes.

Tink thinks she is so slick. She actually is soooo good on those skates, she scares us. but she has really good coordination. it is fun to see her smile and no teeth!

We worked hard all week and our upcoming is even busier. You would not believe that every weekend in Jan, February we have had a scout training or church activity. We already have 3 weeks in March the same way. Yikes. Our babysitters are getting rich, and our friends have been so helpful to watch them.

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

sleep what is that?

the kids thought it was so funny because i was sooooo druged up for 2 weeks. I don't remeber taking these at all. thanks david

arent I so pretty??? NOT

I am an insomniac. bad. I can't sleep. it is 3:15 and I have to get up at 7 to get the kids to school and I am wide awake. So my gal brittany asked, or should I say Dared us ladies to post not so pleasant pictures of our selves, so here are mine. watchout

Dash Out

So we did a game night with our friends the M Family. They are the coolest Bunch! They have 6 boys. and 5 came, one is at BYU idaho. we all had a great time. One of their older boys A has decided she wants to marry a man just like him. Connor and their twins get along great! The funny thing is the older boys kept asking are your sure we won't break anything, and I was not clear as to how the game really went. That is until we played.It is called dash out and it is a hoot! So basically we all run around and you have to hit the game thing on these colored disks. We are totally buying the game. it is so fun. It is not a game where you can get great pictures at least not of me, because you are running around like a chicken, trying to find the right disks! We had some refreshments of the Chocolate fountain and spinach artichoke dip, and a fun time with some great friends.!

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Blog worthy???

I don't know about you...but everything that happens in our house is blog worthy..or Not Blog worthy! This made me laugh because it is soooo me. How about You?

Sunday, February 1, 2009

The Holy Grail of Races...The pinewood Derby

Connor had his 2nd out of 3 pinewood derbies and He won 1st place! We thought it was pretty cool. Connor was a very good sport about not rubbing it in. He did a great job. As the picture above. His car was totally GHETTO! he took one of my old phones and smashed it to pieces then collected all the pieces and put it together. The cars name was "no signal". He has a very creative mind. His best buddy who is a Wolf came in 2nd so Both families were pretty surprised because both had basic nothing special cars. all the other cars were way aerodynamic. Not Connor's....

David & Brother S judging while the Bishop spoke to the boys about sportsmanship. We had some trash talking at primary the week before, and a couple mom's called so I asked the Bishop to speak to the boys.

the dorky Cubmaster...oh wait that is me with my dumb haircut. it is so short in the back.

connor excited for the races to begin

the week before the races connor was so proud of his card.

Thanks grandma & Grandpa Hoopes for the card. Connor loved it and made him feel very special. Oh the joys of having kids. I just love it!


I love sundays. It is my favorite day. I love having church and we never plan to go anywhere. Sometimes we have friends or family for dinner but it is always a day off!

The Hoopes 5