Sunday, November 14, 2010

New commitments

I am thankful for good people in my life this year who have talked to me and shared things with me and opened up to me. I shared with some and opened up to some.  I am learning and growing too. I am not perfect. With that said,  I think I may have offended some.  You can always tell because behaviors change yet you don't know what you did.  I was told.... you can't offend. People just let themselves be offended.  I am going to try my best from now on to NOT facilitate a reason for people to choose to be offended by me. I have never tried to offend anyone but, Now I am going to work harder. There is no reason to hurt people in this world.  I have lots of things as a mom and friend and sister I need to work on.

I love this quote and as I approach the new year I am always curious as to what my new commitment is.  This is what I am taking and running with.

"Brothers and sisters, seeing your example, I pledge anew my determination to be better, to be more faithful—more kind and devoted, more charitable and true as our Father in Heaven is and as so many of you already are."
-Elder Jeffrey R. Holland

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