Saturday, August 30, 2008

Thompson- Hoopes Staycation at the Hilton

We got away for a night, courtesy of David Hoopes' Hotel rewards points. so our night was FREE! We brought along some friends, and we all needed a much needed get away! We had the time of our lives, and here is tome proof! we got hometo the Thompson's had lunch, and we all napped on the couch! We partied hard. Swimming at the water park... Tinky taking it easy

We are a crew!!!!
So tired On our drive home

Boys will be boys
and Men will be men!!!
Michelle and I laughed so hard we were crying, I could barely get these pictures! They were cracking us up

Sean getting his hula hoop on

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Friday, August 29, 2008

Shout out

Yeah the Scheier family got their 3rd addition to the family! Natalie Ann. Congrats Scheier family. We wish we were closer! We received a picture of her and cute as a bug.


Thursday, August 28, 2008

Random Snap Shots

Connor, Max, Alex and Ethan playing this math came via the web. They play for hours like this, watching 1 person play and the others just sit and watch. they laugh. It's the weirdest thing! Connor was practicing the piano and then started practicing with his tongue. He didn't know I took the picture. It was pretty funnny!
I am the Cubmaster, Connor is a bear, and Ethan is wearing David's scout shirt. How fun is that!

Connor earned his religious knot. The cub scouts roasting marshmellows, Pack meeting was at our house this month.
Family Home evening on monday Was building our own pizzas before our lesson.

Tuesdays Two

Tuesday Two

1.Cub scouts
2. Michelle Thompson

2 things, i am just LOVING right now. Spending a lot of time with and busy with...

Cubsscouts, Well I was called as the Cub master recently, so lots of energy is going into that, An i Love the Program. What a wonder ful thing for our young little men.

Michelle, we have kept each other busy with projects, and time together. Our families are the best buddies ever, and How lucky we feel to have The Thompson's in our life!

Monday, August 25, 2008

Game ON!!!

Describe ME in one word.... just one single word. Think of the word and then comment. Don’t peek and see what others wrote for their word. No cheating!!!

You can then copy and paste this on your Blog and see how many strange & interesting things your family and friends say about you.This is really fun(ny).

Here's how to Play:1. Think up your word. Don’t peek at the comments! word, hit the comment key and type your one word YOU thought of and then send. Even if 2. Then paste this message on your Blog, and see what people say about you when limited to one word!!!

I have to tell you I did something similar a year ago, and I am hesitant to do it again, because something very untrue and unkind was said. So I am prepared, if it's not flattering, just be honest!

Have Fun!!!!!

Thursday, August 21, 2008

I am SOOOOOO Sick of this!

My air cast and walking boot. pretty ain't it!

It happened again, I RESPRAINED my ankle. Only this time it hurts more, and it is just getting old. Yes I am a clutz, but this time wasnt my fault. As a family we were tilling up the garden and planting some honeysuckle, River our always toy fetching dog, ran right into me on his way to get a toy. David said my feet, both of them at the same time, went up in the air about 2 feet and I can tell you when I came down, I was not laughing. I was screaming in pain. He helped me into the house and I crawled the rest of the way. Which means I can't drive again!!!!! And I am in pain. Why do our bodies fight us sometimes? Mine needs a break from the world, because It just isn't working the way it suppose to!

Monday, August 18, 2008


I wish!!!! hives as in ..... all over my face, ears, neck... Yes the bad health junk continues. So this is how the story goes, and no I am not posting pictures, because, you just wouldn't want to see them.

2 weeks ago, I go to a Allergist to find out what food allergy I have (which we suspect is some kind of pepper), 92 shots later, I am allergic to DOGS..haha we have 2, pretty much ever tree and plant Arizona has to offer, strawberries, apples, and bananas, my 3 favorite foods. Any way, They can't test for peppers or spices, so i have to get blood testing for that. So I have had 4 anaphylaxis episodes in 4 years, and they are getting worse and last longer, and come on faster. The doctor prescribes me an EPIPEN, which you shoot into your thigh right when you feel it coming on. Well I go to fill the prescription, but it is $ 120 dollars , so that is not happening. Fast forward a week, and we stop by our favorite friends house, while they are having a potluck, we scoop up some food and go out by the pool to eat. I take 2 bites of my chicken dish I picked out, and guess what happened next..........................................................
ALLERGY anaphylaxis SHOCK. Yep. SO that was saturday, I am still on benadryl, Cream, and pills only at night, because It knocks me out, that is a funny story for another time. My face is burning, and itchy and red and horrible, thus no pictures at this time. I am ready to just be a healthy family with no surgeries, ear infections, hives!, Sprained ankle, sore stomachs, sore and torn Achilles tendons...get me drift. I have a baby shower to go to on Saturday, and I am not going like this so it better clear up soon........

on a side note, David asked me how my face was feeling.. I responded, it's killing me and burning and itching, and he responded.....It's killing me too. at least we still have a little humor in all this madness!

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Have you ever felt like.....

Your feet were going to fall off??? I am so tired! I have been so busy, my legs can barely hold me up. I was suppose to meet some family for lunch today and instead had to get some stuff done for scouts. I did get it done finally about 6pm. I left right at 10 am and got home after 1:30. Spent the rest of the afternoon on the phone, about 15 calls ( which i hate the phone, i prefer email), picked the kids up from school, dropped a friend off, more phone calls, then to scouts, home, dinner at 7!!! we always eat about 5 pm, More singing to Connor for his birthday, tubs, prayers, sit down to watch Olympics, and sink into the recliner... I wish I didn't have to get up. Wow, summer is actually over. I am so sad. I am so tired, and it only gets busier. Piano lessons start tomorrow, a project with a friend for another friend. Golf lessons, and somewhere in there laundry.Visiting teaching.....shall Ig o on cause this could take alllll day! whew...I am tired just thinking about my busy week.

***As a side note, this is not a complaint, just a record of my busy day...on a very badly sprained ankle. I try not to complain, because so many do, and mine is a record for good, so only happy things!

My Connor

Connor Is 9 !!!

Holy crow, where did the time go! Connor had a fun birthday. he got afew gifts, and people here to sing to him, and cake and ice cream, what more could a kid ask for.

Our sweet Connor is a good kid. He has always been gentle, thoughtful, loving, kind, and stubborn, but then again David and I both are, sooooo he doesnt have much of a choice. Connor is a great big brother, and is a very intelligent 3rd grader! He was tested in to the gifted program and missed by 2 percent, so maybe this year. COnnor has a wonderful testimony of the Lord and enjoys participating in church activities. Connor loves math science and history. he is a wonderful reader, and loves Scouts. He I a golfer! He has golfed for over 2 years, and enjoys the game. He starts piano lessons, and is great at everything he does. He loves to help in the garden and actually has successfully grown many things, well. Connor loves his gameboy loves the WII and has some great friends We love you Connor and we are so thankful you chose our family to be a part of. We love you an are so proud of your example. Happy Birthday

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Breaking Dawn

Breaking Dawn is here. And Stephenie Meyer is a genius!! Well It came out saturday morning, and david went at 6:45 to pick up 4 copies for me and 3 friends. What a guy! I havent put it down but to do the chores, eat, sleep, which i get little of because i am up reading.!!!! I am almost done, and This is her best yet. What will I do when this is her finale and Edward Jacob and Bella have an end to their story???? I love to read, and didn't enjoy til later in my years, but I can't wait to find more intriguing stories to read about. Happy reading.........

First Day Of School

Dad making breakfast. Always the comic
Tink was soo tired!
Ethan had his shots the other day and is not feeling well. He can't even move his arms. He had a fever and just not feeling well. He did okay when we dropped him off, and we talked to the nurse so we will see if he has to come home. what a trooper! I hate those dumb shots.

The Hoopes Gang. New clothes, new shoes, new bags, weird, tired smiles!

The Hoopes 5