Tuesday, September 29, 2009


Is is sometimes not the easiest thing to come up with a new blog title. I have not been blogging for a while now. Busy is the key word. I love my busy life. But it is catching up with me. I am coming down with SOMETHING. I can't shake it off. for the last week I have been crazy busy and feeling off. I don't see an end in sight. so here is a run down of my last 8 days.

Dinner with some friends at yummy Texas Roadhouse.( we haven't been out to dinner for about 5 months, so that wa a yummy treat)

church, meetings, church. love it!

We actually had a package in the mail come that we were expecting! a miracle. we have had mail issues for a loooooong time. we send out stuff and it never gets mailed out, and C had a bday card sent to him in august with money...he never got it. that is the kind of stuff that always happens.

FHE with a group of friends to make some thinking of you letters for a sweet man at church that wasn't feeling so great. The ambulance had to come get him from church, not fun.

Busy day of shopping, and then church meetings, and slipped in the garage on some power steering fluid. I fell RIGHt on my behind and messed up my shoulder and side of my body. i hurt for days!

went to an early morning session at the temple and made a day of it! so fun.

church meetings ( i was called a while back as Relief Society Sec., I thought Cubmaster kept me busy. not even close! I am still working with the Scout district.)

card night with some girlies and actually skipped a church meeting to socialize.

Another day at the temple for stake temple night and it was packed. we have the BEST stake around. best ward, too. Love those people.

After a long day, and night at the temple a sweet treat at Bahama Bucks in Mesa, we just discovered this and it's incredible. then up at 5 am to attend an eagle scout project which was so fun and we all learned alot about concrete!

then off to the general relief society broadcast.

church and a new calling for Dave ( he was 2nd counselor in bishopric now he is 1st)

a busy day for him again and the week starts again. I am trying to stay motivated but I do not feel good. I am looking forward to another weekend of General conference. it is one of my favorite 2 weekends of the year. some family coming to town and get to hang out, if i am not still sick with this stupid flu thing. I don't do sick good because I don't stop to take care of me. Sad I can admit this but I still don't do anything about it!

David and Magee had it last week and Magee is still getting over it. Why me! keep your icky germs to yourself.

Well my worldwind week long activities of service, family, the temple, and a few treats were amazing.

I am blessed.

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Good things

I had some energy to burn out on my walls and this is how they turned out.

The Hoopes 5