Thursday, October 2, 2014

Pennsylvannia September 2014

I had the opportunity to go to Pennsylvannia with Dave while he had a trade show in Hershey Pennsylvannia.  I was born in PA in 1977 and went back when I was 6 or 7.  I dont remember any of it, so it was fun to learn where I came into this world.   I have been doing lots of family history, genealogy so I have learned alot  But i really got to learn about me... I did.  I saw lots of sites, but when I saw the grave of my grandfather i never met.  I cried...alot.  I love doing family history.  I have found out more about  who I am it was awesome.
Paul Ivan Hatfield
World war II survivor
Looking for his grave was a needle in a haystack

Some sites from our romantic, fun trip. 
Philadelphia Pennsylvannia Lds Temple.  Gorgeous!

Working Amish farm.

Rowing crews in Philadelphia at sundown...

Independence hall where the declaration of Independence was signed!

 SOY BEANS... Everywhere!!!
Buggy minus the horse

Capitol building in Harrisburg.  I thought the gold statue looked liked Angel Moroni... for real!

Hershey kiss mobile car.  It said kisses so we did.

Philadelphia museum of art  The top of the rocky stairs!

Super cool.  FYI, the Amish scowl at you if they take their picture!

Pretty amish Ladies

Mr. Hershey lived on this street

 Hoopes land.  They owned 600 acres in West Chester.

Hershey plant was so cool.  the tour was awesome and yummy samples.

Hershey's Mansion across from the plant.

Super Dave as Rocky.

Capitol building in the rear
Cemeteries everywhere. Gorgeous headstones

We saw Some of the Hoopes Famly History as well. This is the last remaining part of the Joshua Hoopes Homestead in West Chester. It is on the Historical National Treasure List. the Home was built in 1736. It was surreal.

Abraham Lincolns Hat box.  Unreal seeing these Smithsonian artifacts

Seeing all the things we saw of our Nations capitol made me proud to be an American. So many more pictures to share.
Norristown, Hershey, West Chester, Philadelphia, Harrisburg.  I highly recommend making the trip.

The Hoopes 5