Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Team Nets

Team nets... Thanks for a fun summer season.
Malia, Ofa and Ashley
Coach Olga and Ashley...She is the best coach. She ran and played as hard as the kiddos!
How cute are the Skinner boys!

Thursday, July 24, 2008

Ethan's Ear woes....

We have always had problems with Ethan's ears, ie, ear infections, blood, pain, etc. not objects stuck in there. So ever since his ear tube surgery, the ear doc has us look in there once a week or so and make sure there is no pus, blood. you get the point. his tubes fell out a long time ago but i looked last night when he got out of the tub, and started crying and freaking out. I thought it was a bone, At first glance that is what it looked like, I couldnt hold him down and wondered if I should take him to the ER but that is over 20 miles away, sooooooo. I went to the next best thing. Sean Thompson our very special friends. It was late, he had just gotten home from a church meeting and he gave him ablessing. David wasn't available at the time. He got it out after he put some peroxide and it loosened it a bit. Then we get home and I look in there while Ethan is a sleep and there is another piece of plastic. I literally did not sleep til after 6 this morning and woke up at just after 8. I looked in and the piece of plastic moved further in. So i thought i will try the peroxide. sure enough it pulled it right to the top. Here is the evidence...not the penny..haha


Keep reading but this is Huge foto overload. I think I am caught up for the time being

Our House.

There has been many requests for pics of our new home. So Here you go, but house isn't in perfect cleanliness right now, but you get the point. I will take some of our yard soon. It is way too hot to go out there for more than a few minutes! Ashley insisted I take 2 pics so you can see her whole Hawaiian room

Down the banister and picture wall will be growing
The Front room, we have dubbed it the Reading room
The dining room
Master bath
David's office with his favorite painting of his Dad done by Clark Kelley Price. It's normally not a mess like this, but it was today!
Looking down on the Reading room

The master bedroom and sitting area
the Laundry room. I love my Washer and Dryer
The Tv room


The Dalmation room for the boys. This had been a dream for COnnor for about 5 years.

Friends for Dinner

We seem to always have friends over for dinner at sunday was no exception, we had a group over and 10 kids here and this is what happens when your camera ends up with 4 girls. So I upload the camera fotos and found some surprises.Can you tell the Gable girls put Ashley's Light skinned foundation??? Ashley, O and K
way tooooo funny!
Olga, Sean, Michelle, Us and you can't see Tommy
how did they do this????
Cute girls
Love the make up
Cute friends
Haning from the banister?

Pretty little M just turned 8. Happy Bday

A Night Away

We took a night away at the Tapatio Cliffs
Hilton Hotel in Scottsdale. We used some of Dave's Hotel points and we got it for free. ( We were suppose to go see Sister Becky's Graduation from BYU IDAHO, but it was bad timing for us to be able to go, so all the rest of the family got to go to a cabing, float the Salt River, which is the Best, and we were stuck HERE). Our stake had a PIONEER activity up in the mountains, but our car was working right all week and Gas prices were high. SOOOOOO with that said. We couldn't afford anything else, so a night away was the ticket!!!! DidI mention it was Free. ???? Isn't that the best! Here is some of our fun times at the resort which was amazing.

Nana and Connor Hanging out after we had been at the pool all night it was about 11:30 and we had just come in. The pool was 24 hour, how cool is that?
There is a water park there, so we floated the Lazy River and the kids got 1 snow cone. I am a mean mom, they were huge and $4 dollars so i said they had to share. I didnt realize they would fight the whole time about it and all tryed to eat it at the same time. Ignore my fat arm!

Dinner at the HotelSo E will normally ask to bed. He didnt even ask. He just went in to bed and was asleep by the time I came in. How sweet is he....

Getting purdy for bed?????

Connor was so anxious to leave and go swimming.
thanks for going with us Nana.
We had a fun night out with ya!

Random activities

July has been sooooo is some evidence of it...

Some friends let us pick apples from their tree. I spent about 5 hours cutting peeling coring washing bagging and freezing. It was such a fun project! I got about 30 bags of apples. Thanks Josette.

David smoked a brisquet for the Fourth of July for our swim party at the Thompsons. It sure smelled good. I never taste them.

This is a art project A and I made for all her Hair flowers. see it all thewall with all the flowers that we made too!owers

the boys picking carrots from the garden and A washing them in the sprinklers so we could eat them. They were soooo yummy

C getting ready to Tee it up!

Ethans 5th bday

The Thompsons (aka our best buddies)
The Happy Couple
the 5 year old
Nana and Uncle Rich
passing out tokens

The Gable Girls
Tommy or we call him T

Here is some more from E's Bday.. Pizza at peter piper pizza .. Food...Family...Friends....Fun!!!

The Hoopes 5