Saturday, January 31, 2009

25 Random things

So i have been tagged by 11 people on facebook to do this and I am finally doing it .

25 random things about me

1. My life's dream was to be a mom
2. I love my husband is my favorite person on the planet and would rather be with him than anyone..all day...every day...i never get sick of him.
3. I hate chocolate and peanut butter together. but seperate okay.
4. i value my friendships more than anything.
5. Church and our family of 5 are the most important things to us. Church and my families plans, trumps everything else or other plans.
6. i am an internet junkie. I love the computer, or should I say internet. I am a googlier. I blog stalk but don't blog as much as i would like to.I love to text on my cell phone but hate talking
7. I dream of going to NYC in the winter.
8. I love utah. everything about it.
9. I joined the church when i was 17 and most people think i have been a member my whole life( i lived like a member growing up)
10. When I take a shower (at least 2times aday) it takes me less than 2 minutes to shampoo, conditioner wash and shave. I am speedy gonzalez.
11. I hate my new hair cut. but I have never colored my hair.
12. I love to clean...everything.
13. I use to never leave my kids my kids with babysitters or friends. The guilt and everything. now. between david and I we have so many meetings for church and school, etc. they are left 2 much in my opinion. yikes. i hate it.
14. I loved nursing my 3 kids. 2 years for 2 of them and cried when I had to stop.
15. I am severly claustrophobic. and i am a forever insomniac
16. I have a weird thing with textures of food. I don't eat much meat because of it.
17. I am not a good disiplinarian. David is though.
18. I love to eat bean and cheese burritos.
19. I have some of the best girlfriends in the world and very good about keeping intouch. but in High school, I hung out with all the guys. Never dated any of them, but was part of them. I was a late bloomer with the dating scene and made up after high school.
20. I never smoked anything in my life and all my sisters and family smokes, so i am the odd man out.
21. I love to garden and do yard work, but hate doing it in the heat of the summer.
22. I can not wait to serve a mission and work in the temple with david someday.
23. I love to sew and craft but rarely find the time to anymore.
24. i constantly feel guilty what more I could do give service to the people around me. Including my kids and husband. I never feel like I have done enough.
25. I love yummy cupcakes and have lots of cupcake recipe books.

Sunday, January 25, 2009

S/H Moving company

I had to post about this because it was just too funny to pass it up! We have been dejunking and simplifying. So we thought! We were given a 60 inch tv and so we had to get it up to our room. That was a project! So Jared, David and Our friend Tommy all moved the tv up, they did a great job with only a few knicks in the wall. Oh we laughed so hard with memories of PIVOT from the Friends episode. Oh we laughed. Poor Jared was slammed against the wall while they tried to get the Tv around the corner. Oh it was so funny.

Here in our room and the TV is humongous

So fast forward a few days later we got rid of some tv's and an a HUGE tv stand and the trick was getting it down stairs. So we called a bunch of families that came for game night for Family Home Evening and then we put them to work. The S, C, T families and thank goodness for Jared's truck the S/H moving company at your service.

Thursday, January 22, 2009

Random Snapshots of our Crazy Life

The kids after church in timeout, and oh were they mad!

boring pillow
After: not so boring pillow

M's 8th bday. I made him a non dairy rice crispy cake!

David is 33. Holy moly his gets more handsome by the minute.
This 60 inch was given to us and it is in our room! it is way too big, but free!

FHe playing Wii, eating cake, making derby cars with the H and S families. Fun times were had by all.

David Got 2 cakes, 1 was a snickers ice cream cake!

I am all about the Random. aand this is one random after random.


I am not normally happy for the week to end, but I am this week. I love my life. I love my cute companion and I love my 3 little lovebugs, but my plate is full. So much of everything in my heart and my mind this week.
I have a big x-large cup that runneth over with so many good people in my life! I have been blessed and I am thankful. Some people in our lives come and go and some come and stay. Thank heavens for the ones that stay. I love the sweet little people that stay close. The older I get the wiser I get and I am learning...very slowly learning.... to let things go. Life brings us sunshine and rain, although rain is my favorite thing. Metaphorically speaking we have to let the rain go away and look at the sunshine. If my itty bitty family weren't a part of my day, I would never be able to see the sunshine. So as much as I hate the heat, Let the sun shine down on me!

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

My not so sad story

So this is my not so sad story... I have horrible food allergies, and skin allergies.
I get hives and Anaphylasis if i eat the wrong thing, but my skin does crazy things. I every so often get these horrible skin breakouts, where layers of my skin under my rings, crack, and bleed and HURT! I was getting ready to post on the picture when I read NIENIE's blog about her burns and I have NOTHING to complain about! I can't imagine how much pain she is in, becuase my stupid little fingers hurt so bad when they are in this state. So the moral of the story is, when we are going through something, physically, spiritually, mentally, jsut remember there is someone going through it worse and we have no place to complain,,,and that is my 2 cents!

Sunday, January 11, 2009

cute hubby tag

This is our wedding day with our parents
1.What is your husband's full name? David John Hoopes, or love or lovebug he will respond to any

2.How long have you been married? 10 1/2 years

3.How long did you date? a year and 3 weeks

4.How old is he? 33 on Tuesday he just keeps getting better, too.

5.Who eats more sweets? David.

6.Who said "I Love You" first? David, infact I didn't really talk to him for over a week because it freaked me out, and then I eventually said it too.

7.Who is taller? David

8.Who can sing best? David can sing but he wont admit it. I sing in the car awesome though! when I am by myself.

9.Who is smarter? We both are smarter in different areas. We have different things we focus our learning energy on. I am definetly smarter when reading people.

10.Who does laundry? I do, David is only aloud to take the clothes out of the dryer.

11.Who pays the bills? I do

12.Who sleeps on the right side?I sleep to David's left. so I sleep on the right side if you are looking at the bed. But it is the wrong side. I like the left, so when he travels I sleep on that side

13.Who mows the lawn? He does most of the time, but I wish he would let me

14.Who cooks dinner? We both do. He does all the bbqing though cause he is awesome at it.

15.Who drives? Most of the time David does.

16.Who's first to admit when they are wrong? Me, but he is always sweet with everything he does

17.Who kissed whom first? David kissed me first... We had been dating over 2 weeks. I still can't believe we held out so long.

18.Who asked who out first?I invited David to a Single Adult Dance and he came. I didn't know he doesnt dance.

19.Who wears the pants? He does.

Saturday, January 10, 2009

Random Snapshots

We Have been blessed by good friends,good fun, and good opportunities, Good Learning this week.

Good fun...lots of Wii bowling with the S family and their kids when they had a work party Friday night. We love to hang out with those kiddos. D got the chance to play some Nintendo DS by himself. It was pretty funny. Normally Conman, M, Magee, and J are all connected wirelessly to their games.

Good Oppourtunity... I started preschool again out of my home. It is sooooo fun. I love it! I have a group of darling little lovebugs. My Dining room is a fun preschool room now!
and Tink got the oppourtunity to seperate our laundry. she actually likes it and she is good at it. She is a great helper, so I am glad that I gave her the OPPOURTUNITY to help me clean..he-he

Good Learning... Both David and I are serving in Scouting Capacities and loving it. There is always challenges but that comes with anything. I had 4 days in6 of meetings, and Both David and I went to a training for most of Saturday and it was very enlightening. It makes you realize all the other things in life just don't matter. Just raising our precious kids.

Good Friends...the kids have some great friends that came this week. Connor has a sweet spot for little baby A. she is the cutest thing ever and we love when their parents ask us to watch their little ones. we snuggle and love on her. M and J get along so good with our kids so it is great! they love to play games.... for hours!

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

tender mercies

I am so thankful for tender mercies from the Lord. My little kids that call me mom take better care of me sometimes than I do of them. I have not been feeling so great the last 2 weeks, flu, and then cracked my tooth and my tongue is all swelled up from rubbing against the sharp tooth, and they have been so sweet and helpful. I sometimes wonder why I have been trusted to take care of them? At any rate, I am sure greatful for them. They are so sweet and pure and lovely.

Sunday, January 4, 2009

My sweet little Niece

I couldn't pass up this blog entry... My cute little Niece Sierra is a sweet little spirit. So my sister Katy called me to give me a heads up the gift from her sweet little girl. Sierra is the cutest little child and her and her mom, my sister, were at the dollar store one day. Well Sierra found this Picture (plaque) of the Virgin Mary. She informed my sister that she HAD to get it for me.
To make a long story short i was touched. Katy said I know you don't put up pictures or idols like that, but Sierra said it was perfect for me and she said Sierra saw me as spiritual. How cute is that! I will cherish it. Little kids are the cutest things. The things that they pick up on. Thanks Sierra for your sweet thoughts of me! Love you.

Friday, January 2, 2009

Friday Foto overload...Watch Out!

This is foto overload! this is the last 2 weeks of our crazy holiday break. New years, Christmas, Christmas eve, New Years, New Year's eve, Sea world, Ashley's Baptism,Lego Land, California Beaches...and lots more. We had a fun 2 weeks. Definetly with laughs, Family, tears, Friends, drama, but lots of fun! We had some tiring days and they caught up to Ethan on Sunday when he came down sick sunday and monday and it hit me thurs and friday. I have been home sick as a dog. I hate being sick! thanks for the kind calls and emails from loved ones. This was a busy time for us, but lots and lots of fun. Santa brought the kids all Nintendo Ds games, Kary got A real knife set and a pair of tenny runners, David got a whole thing of tools. We have been very blessed and we are greatful for all the time we got to spend with our loved friends and family.

Z playing WII bowling

Fire pit with smores. It was a fun night and the weather was gorgeous!

Grandma & Grandpa Hoopes got a special picture gift from the grandkids, at the Hoopes party in Gilbert Aunt Bobbi & Aunt Becky 2 did a great job making it!

With my family I got 2 ladybug garden stepping stones. thanks mom

Connor out shooting his new bbgun on New years eve

Ashley and her cousin L singing karaoke Hannah Montana

Ashley and Daddy at her baptism. Ashley had lots of loved ones that came and shared in her special day. We are so greatful for her example to us and for her sweet spirit. thanks to all that took the time to share in her special day!

Ashley's new Baptism dress. She was the prettiest thing.

all the cousins on the Buettner side at our Holiday party.

In San Diego at Seaport Village

Christmas morning in Cali

New Jammies Christmas eve.

Seaport Village

Oceanside Pier. This is where David and I grew up.

Oh I love these kids. they are so good to be my photography guinea pigs

Ethan driving his own car at Lego land

6 of the Hoopes Grandkids, minus 4. what a funny bunch

Our newest little K. she is so sweet.

Sea World freezing our tails off. It was raining and cold. We only lasted 2 hours. But it was still fun.
Talk about photo overload, Huh?

The Hoopes 5