Friday, June 5, 2015

Nana's clock... and chair

I was just sitting here, reading for my family psychology class and noticed that I had set my Nana's grandfather clock, and rocking chair right by each other in the loft.  It was not intentional, but  surprising,  I have carried this clock, that doesn't work and hasnt for years to 3 houses.  I officially am grateful for antiques that come from my nana.  Every time I see it I think of her.

The rocking chair, no one sits on and is falling apart.  I remember, vividly, as a kid Nana telling us not to rock on it because it would collapse and I would rock and it would collapse.  I am a little afraid of the chair, still after all these years, but yet I have it sitting near my office.  I don't know how or where she acquired these but, I know they both have stories to tell.  

Neither is my favorite style,but I love them because they are mine.

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