Wednesday, July 15, 2015

marking 2 years since diagnosis

WARNING>>>> graphic gross pictures.

I am asked all the time how I knew I had cancer, what kind, how ...when...why.   Well I share, not to spot light me, but to show.  You TOO can get cancer.  If you are like me, and have lots of moles, that change and you worry. Dont worry anymore, go to the doctor.

  I am so thankful for people that made me go.  I did drag my feet, but such is life.  I am Norwegian dutch, German and Irish.  and a pale kind of freckly, red headed,white pale skin, green eye kind of descent.  Did you know that green eyed people from western European decent are the most likely to get Basal Cell Carcinoma (cancer). Well i am within all the checklist of highest risk.

I grew up in Southern California and I am a water baby and I have always worn sunscreen, However I always burn.  Always.  I have been teased for wearing swim shirts and long shorts in the water.  I protect my skin, and I got it.

I got my first cancer at 18 on my forehead.  They removed it with no further worries that was in 1995  In 1999, I had 11 biopsies, and 3 were cancer.  Tally 4  I regularly had my skin checked until 2013 I had 22 biopsies, with 4 being cancer and 1 that was the littlest on my face and a doooooozy!

1 biopsy, on what I thought was a pimple.  surgery removal,  facial reconstruction from a Scottsdale facial plastic surgeon and 50 stitches.  the hole was so deep that had to take extra fat from my cheek to fill in the hole.  Here i am 2 years later and my face is lopsided, my eyes are straight, there is still pain occasionally and I experience my face being paralyzed periodically, BUT.  no cancer in my face!   GO GET CHECKED.
1- a few weeks before the biopsy... Clueless of the destruction happening under my face

2- right after I had the cancer removal.  I was awake and..... the hole was so big they couldn't close it so they put this band-aid on me and sent me across town where I was rushed in for facial reconstruction.

3- in the hospital still asleep from surgery
4- the day after surgery
5- 2 days after surgery healing
6-a week after surgery
7- a week or so after
8-  I was in so much pain my eyes were having migraine type pain.
9- Today, cancer free and healing pretty good.  

Needless to say, but Go get checked!!!

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